#125 – the beauty of pop culture

11 thoughts on “#125 – the beauty of pop culture

  1. Stand back! She's weaponized the Joyce!

    Although to be fair, Finnegans Wake already falls under Psychological Torture in a number of countries.

  2. OMG! ha ha ha. James joyce?! mother fucker. i love when things like this happen.

  3. the giraffe aaaaa

    1. Its disdain… It literally seethes.

  4. as a person forced to read joyce…i understand the idea as using it as a weapon.

  5. She should be chucking volumes of Calvin & Hobbes and Krazy Kat at Bob.

    And this seems a perfectly fine time to remind everyone to Google James Joyce's love letters.

    1. As someone who fell for this when it was mentioned on QC a couple of years back, this seems a perfectly fine time to remind everyone TO UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES FOLLOW THE ABOVE INSTRUCTION.

  6. Joyce and "Stay back or i'll inspire every goddamned one of you"?

    I am oozing joy from every pore

  7. I love Eve's facial expression, and that this is the second pulp fiction reference in this story line.

    1. which is great on another level too, since Joyce's fiction (esp. the last chapter of Ulysses) was, of course, considered "filth" etc.!

      1. Nobody finishes Ulysses.

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