#121 – stupid question

6 thoughts on “#121 – stupid question

  1. i remember seeing a pretty hilarious re-draw of this comic by another cartoonist, who "fixed" it…that still exist somewhere?

    1. Yes yes! I've been looking for that! Where is it, where is it?

  2. Aww, poor Will! No love. I respect Hanna's loyalty to Eve, anyhow.

  3. Actually, I completely disagree with every comment that "artist" made. Someone who clearly does not get the point of this comic.

    1. Hehehe, it's parodying the comic ctrl-alt-del. It's showing how much you lose from the four-panel talking heads comic format, not degrading OctopusPie.

      (sorry to reply forever later, I am just super amused by it)

    2. Especially the "what cat" comment was strange

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