#120 – urban mercenary

10 thoughts on “#120 – urban mercenary

  1. Will is dressed up, combed hair, and a Slightly kept 5 o'clock shadow. How posh.

    1. There was supposed to be a in there somewhere

  2. Alcohol jokes are fine too.
    *smiling emothicon*

  3. Now THAT, guys and girls, is how you pose for photos you put on Facebook.

    MySpace? What MySpace? It's 2010 as of this posting.

    1. It's 2018 now

      1. It's 2021 now

      2. 2022 actually.

        1. 2023

  4. "Spoken Like a True Urban Mercenary"

    Why don't people say that in real life? DX

  5. “she’d have to flash society a pretty big tip”

    I dunno if they’re still going by the crotch-shot metaphors but if so then Will is into some kinky stuff.

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