#119 – cat garnished pizza

12 thoughts on “#119 – cat garnished pizza

  1. Did Hanna just threaten to make a pizza out of Manuel unless Eve didn't go and get her jacket?

  2. Yep, poor Manuel.

  3. What's with all the weird food-related clothing patterns?

  4. Next thing you know… Food jokes!

  5. why aren't these sweatshirts available for purchase?

  6. Wasn't she looking at a donut one before? o3o

  7. God, I hate prints. And now FOOD prints?? I need some plaid flannel, tools, and land on a mountain.

  8. I want that sweatshirt so much.

  9. Why did Hanna make her buy a new shirt? It was just a ketchup stain. I'm sure a trip to the dry cleaners could have sorted it out. Oh well I guess it was Eve's destiny to get her own food print shirt. Drumsticks, love it.

  10. Oh the irony (or moral dissonance I guess) of a chicken leg jacket while carrying around a rescued parrot.

  11. Yep… That is indeed a bird.

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