#1015-1017 – there’s no turning back

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49 thoughts on “#1015-1017 – there’s no turning back

  1. Oh, the owie-surprised faces are killing me!

  2. There goes Eve, outclassing the whole room.

  3. And then everybody in Octopus Pie died ! The end!

    1. That would be a lot simpler for me to understand.

  4. Everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

  5. It is possible they rocked too hard. Maybe.

  6. I was NOT expecting that. Eve's about to land on Will's head!
    (so sad it's almost over… but what a way to go!)

  7. The last panel is the cover for a book.

    1. I meant to like this comment but hit the wrong button! Sorry!

  8. Everyone is going to board that Howie insurance claim train!

  9. Seems like an analogy for the lives of pretty much every character in this comic. Constant pursuit of *that* moment and/or stability which is always just beyond reach, knowing all the while that the bottom of this little life you've tried to create is going to fall out any moment now.

    1. Yes. And it's perfect!

    2. As someone growing up in that formative time of 20-something stability-seeking, this comic feels so healing, validating, and cathartic. Especially as someone going through therapy and dealing with Borderline Personality Disorder, along with every bit of pressure we're faced with in these trying times.

      Adulting is hard, man.

      Yet, every day feels like another piece of the puzzle clicking into place. A puzzle with no edge pieces, mind you. It goes on unbounded. 🙂

      1. I get you. I'm 36, so I went through all this already and have moved on to new problems now that I'm a married father of two, lol

    3. And then after it falls out you realize that you're ok. Speaking of closure, whatever happened to lobster face guy?

  10. HA HAHA

    what a gift
    Thank god

  11. It's all fun until somebody gets hurt. Everybody okay?
    It seems like as soon as we see the silver lining on those dark clouds that lightning strikes!

  12. Hahahaha! Incredible. A master stroke.

  13. Eve's Stage, The Fukken Shit!

  14. Way to bring the house down!

  15. At least Hanna didn't break her butt this time.

  16. That´s why safety standards aim to tolerate 200% or 300% the estimate weight, to adequately support people and their happiness :p

  17. And the unexpected happens, just as in real life.

    Marek kept looking weird to me, and I couldnt figire out why. It's his eye! Far too open and present!
    I guess falling mid-song through a stage does that to your face.

  18. Hold ON

    Is Larry's tattoo a FUCKING bedbug

  19. aaaaa I love them………

  20. Draw the Squad Meme

  21. *gushes* so appreciative of everything, but esp that each line of the song in each panel seems relevant to the characters in focus ?

    1. I was about to comment that!
      Hannah and not waiting, Jackie and time to think, Eve, Jane and Mari and a strong love. this is so great, so wholesome

  22. I came back to read OP after 5 years.. and just… wow.

  23. That's another way to "crash" the party! 😀

  24. I love the contrast between their closed eyes through most of this page and their wide open eyes in the final panel!

    Still waiting in the Hanna/Marek/Mar closure! Please don't leave us hanging!

  25. Can we have the last panel as a print?


  26. Eve is and always will be the perfect cartoon character. Literally.

  27. Crunch?

  28. Aaaaaa Marigold's anxious question to Jane is just the right amount of heart-breaking/heart-warming. We never truly believe we'll find a partner like that until it happens, eh?

    And Marek's eye. His eye! It'll never go back to normal, it's stuck that way forever. Sorry, Marek fans!

  29. There

    That's it

    That's the perfect ending

  30. That last panel is masterful.

  31. I love Eve's Ponyo/Calcifer face.

  32. I keep noticing that Marek's date never seems to be touching Marek in any way. They don't seem to be holding hands or anything. She's just always near/behind him.

  33. Begun, this ending has.

  34. If this was the last panel I'd be ok with that.

    I hope its not, but if it is, I'm good.

  35. Wow, look at all dem flailing Limbs! And they all went splat! Just like, shit I dunno, some kind of …Octopus Pie!

  36. I love how everybody is there. Hannah on the same panel as Marek, Jane and Mar entering the stage… like a feeling that, in the end, we can set our differences and mistakes behind. Rebuild burned birgdes not to go back but to move on.

    And I love these little cracks in the stage which no-one notices

  37. First three panels are giving me San Junipero and I live!

  38. The Silence Will Fall!

  39. Hey that's colorful comics !

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