#1018 – i wouldn’t go that far

PDX folks! I'll be in Portland this Friday doing a book signing at Books With Pictures! Meredith Gran @ Books with Pictures 1100 SE Division Street, Portland, Oregon 97202 Friday, May 26 at 7 PM - 9 PM PDT Facebook event page here! It'll nice to be back for a quick visit - come see me if you're in town! Feel free to bring your own stuff for signing as well.

27 thoughts on “#1018 – i wouldn’t go that far

  1. ow.

    1. Yeah, that's a great way of articulating it.

  2. Everybody judges.

  3. Can't… breathe…. !!!

  4. Oh no, is there where all of those nagging little worries we had during the awesome party start coming out into the open?

    I'll just be over there, the guy watching things unfold through his fingers.

  5. Really wish cigarettes didn't give you cancer. Smoking will never not look cool. ?

    1. They give you something to do with your hands… I wish I had that (I've never smoked). On the other hand, what Hanna is doing here is something I find really annoying… using lighting/puffing to insert an awkward pause in the conversation where you should be speaking.

      1. "Hello, Hannah."
        "Oh hey, wait, let me detatch myself from the situation just a little bit.
        Alright, where were we?"
        "Saying hello."
        "Oh, hey."

    2. I used to smoke to relax my nerves. Didn't create an addiction to it, but helped me when a bunch of college shit hit me hard that i was even balding. So maybe quickest thing to find was this and a smoke

    3. You can use a joint instead.

    4. What about vaping?

  6. always found eve or mar most relatable throughout the series, but as the comic moves forward, I can see a lot of my anger and tension and hurt in hanna. been waiting for a conversation between these two for a long time! I almost forget how long they've been apart…

  7. "She was actually just my distant half-cousin from out of town"

    "Oh really?"

    "Yes. Let's get married now."


    phew thank god that worked out, after party at my place!

  8. Bye Julie!

    I'm sorry to say it but i don't think anyone cares about you.

  9. I ache for those two. They were good to each other.

    That said, I wish Hanna could ditch the cigarettes (although I was 27 before I managed it). Pretty tough to do for an addiction that's so pleasurable in the short run.
    But I can taste it in her cupcakes.

  10. So many fans of this comic seem to want them to get back together…I've been reading OctoPie for years and I LOVED their dynamic as a couple–but their breakup makes sense to me! It obviously hurt them both deeply and wasn't handled well by Hanna but…that's how breakups go. Pain and jealously and depression spirals and weird hobbies don't mean breaking up was a mistake. I can't see them together anymore as they are now.

    1. They worked great as a couple because Marek was all about education and didn´t care about having children yet. But after getting his degree, having children became a deal breaker.

      Maturity is that cruel sometimes.

    2. I know but it still sucks to witness. It doesn't help I'm going through almost the same thing with my relationship for the exact same reason.

      sigh 🙁

    3. It was said earlier in the comic by Will therapist. "Just because you have chemistry does not mean you are compatible." -I hope that's right anyways.
      I am in a similar situation actually, and it does pain me to agree. I love my Ex, but we want very different things in life. I had to end the relationship to move forward in my life.
      We still hangout, but those times feel like old times, and confirm my decision more. I know when we do hangout it is much harder for him to say goodbye.

  11. Well, my heart stopped for a moment.

    I'm better now, tho.

  12. That is the face of someone who loves and is worried about someone but isn't allowed to ask about it anymore.

    1. THIS.


      It freaking sucks to be in that position. Ugh.

  13. god but I love them both so. much.

  14. His reply seems weirdly flippant. Like he forgot he brought her or something.

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