#094 – cushion

17 thoughts on “#094 – cushion

  1. Arrrrgh, god damn I want those pants of pink sparkly godliness. I wanna wear 'em to a disco and shake my booty in the lights and everyone will envy my pink sparkly butt.

  2. I just want a falafel. From France. Because those are the best kind.

  3. Eat my butt, cruel fate. Wow, I love that quote. Hanna is the best!

  4. I love Hanna's expressions in this 🙂

  5. Bitchin' ass-cast.

  6. I just noticed the way the second panel and the tall panel work with each other and I think it's really cool!

  7. So… If I buy the books, will it sparkle like this?

    1. The first run of pre-orders actually did. I put glitter on them by hand.

      1. Haha, glitter in the book is the most awesome thing I've heard in the last hour. Possibly longer.

      2. I once again regret not reading this comic sooner.

  8. Oh, i´m soooo into sparkling comics. consider your webpage bookmarked 🙂

  9. Wow jaja funnhy effect, that is something that you just can afford in a web comic =P

  10. Just the other day I was thinking, all these people think they're sounding like badasses when they say they are "easily bored", but the ones you should watch out for are the ones who DON'T get bored, who make sure they're never bored by having fun news things to do at every waking moment

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