#093 – joking

12 thoughts on “#093 – joking

  1. Oh Marek, so strong, so loving, so… Oh Dear God, I'm gay for Marek.

  2. Nameless Stranger

    Marek is now officially my favorite character!

  3. How can you not love that beard… I mean, man?

  4. I think that doctor is the same sleazy dude that asked Eve if she was from Chinatown. Right?

    1. It totally is!

  5. SWOON~

    For real, there needs to be way more guys that look and act like Marek haha.

  6. Angry Marek.

    That's all that has to be said.

  7. Get angry, grow a foot taller. He's epic XD.

    Fav character ever since he said he cryptically tried to warn her ^^.

  8. He reminds me of Jim from Mission Hill (the cartoon). I picture him with Brian Posehn's voice.

  9. uh i don't get what the doctor said…

    1. You know what a menage a trois is? Well, un = one. And if you didn't know what a menage a trois is, that's a threesome. So he's basically saying Marek will be dating his hand for a while.

  10. Marek just gets better and better. I already thought that on the last page, but this- Marek is just the kind of guy I'm hoping to be.

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