#095 – so unaware

8 thoughts on “#095 – so unaware

  1. America's face in the last panel is so full of WIN.

  2. I love the quiet foreshadowing here.

    When Eve's skating for fun, she pretends she's playing hockey!

  3. I love that NOOOOoooooo. C|

    Also, hurray, Eve having fun!

  4. Poor dude on the right is so dead.

  5. That girl reminds me of a girl I had in my class. If they are anything alike KILL THE C*NT OFF!!. You can do that withouth going to jail, I, sadly can not.

  6. that's right preventive warfare, just like the country she shares a name with!

  7. Oh dear god I hope this ends in Jones getting arrested

  8. Will, my heart is breaking with you

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