#029 – that bitch

Boat puns?!? Clearly Eve's hookup game was too much for me to approach directly. I had to drift in that direction.

6 thoughts on “#029 – that bitch

  1. I remember thinking the pun was a typo for the longest time. Oh, to be innocent again…

  2. So is Eve mad at Hannah cause she talked up Will as a sales person, so that Eve wouldn’t immediately dismiss him and they would get together? But it’s not like Eve knew Will was coming, and even if she did I wouldn’t have thought Eve to be so shallow, unless of course that’s the whole point, and the lying/misleading was completely unnecessary in which case it was both insulting and manipulative. It’s all kinda murky to me.

    1. I think Eve just sees it as another manipulation by Hannah. I'm sure she's already annoyed enough that Hannah dragged her out, then ditched her with some guy Eve doesn't know, but now she finds out he's not even who *Hannah* said he was.

    2. Maybe Hanna lied so it looked like they were meeting up to talk business after drinks? Then when Eve 'distracts' Will, they can pretend the meeting was dropped so Eve and Will could hook up? I don't know, I'm young, I don't know how manipulation works.

    3. “Sales guy”, “unloading ship cargo” – obscure references… he’s Eve’s dealer…

  3. The first foreshadowing of Will and Hannah working together!

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