#030 – controlling my destiny

Vintage subway signs! Doctor Jonathan Zizmor (RIP) and his miracle skin treatments were already decades-established in New York. Those ESL signs are probably the same. "Don't let impotence ruin your sex life!" was a real one but also a bit of foreshadowing for exactly 1 panel later.

6 thoughts on “#030 – controlling my destiny


    I guess in the end Hannah DID ultimately control eve's destiny!

    1. But she couldn't control her own…

      *single tear drops*

  2. I never before noticed the guy in the background of panel 2 making the best face I've ever seen.

  3. Oh man, I totally remember the Zizmor posters from when I used to ride the Subway to high school in NYC.

  4. man, they were fucking adorable right from the beginning

  5. Dr. Zizmor! I'm always totally shocked that nobody has posted a comprehensive web gallery of his subway ads. They were… quite something, and deserve to be memorialized.

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