#028 – weird stuff

Oh my god, was Will supposed to be a vegan?! I swear I'd completely forgotten until this very moment. I threw around a lot of little quirks that didn't seem super necessary as the characters developed naturally. I'm not sure if we ever see Will eat meat and dairy after this, but the point is I most definitely forgot. I went vegan myself about 2.5 years ago, and now I'm not so sure about Eve's idea. I'll have to think about it.

15 thoughts on “#028 – weird stuff

  1. Chickens for Wiccans 😀 I always loved that one

  2. Eve has already begun the long, slow process of getting steadily cuter.

  3. [SPOILERS] During the Valentine's Day arc, he orders Eggs in One Basket and helps Eve finish her Fine Kettle of Fish!

  4. For some reason I never realized how obviously terrible an idea that vegan sandwich with free ham was until today.

  5. The great thing about running every strip again is that now you have the chance to edit out every instance of Will eating meat, allowing yourself to look 10x more like a cool person.

  6. Hah! At first I thought Will was listing off band names!

  7. It begins.

    1. Can't believe I'm so excited to see them grow together again. Holy shit!

  8. Sorry Meredith, but Will definitely eats egg sandwiches with Larry in #532 🙁

    1. Oh and in #253 he's bitten the head off a fish.

      I can't wait to read the commentary about the restaurants, guys.

  9. Wait, Will was a vegan? I totally did not remember that…

  10. Will's freegan at the beginning, than later he stopped or relaxed a bit. Makes sense.

  11. I really like how similar Will's outfit here is to what he wore at the Met with Hanna in that flashback. Not something one could notice except in a re-read, but your details are always A+

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