#027 – keep it in your pants

I still think the Elton John specs are funny. I think it's a gag that would seem super obvious if a real person could safely do it. But since it's just Hanna, I got there first. Boom.

10 thoughts on “#027 – keep it in your pants

  1. I gotta say, Will is a lot hotter in late OP than he is here. That's how I'm judging your artistic growth

    1. Totally agree. What a freakin' babe later on. I had to double check to see if it was actually Will. I felt so stupid!

  2. sebastianshanearmstrongcooper

    ah,,, and so began one of the longest running fan-ships for a work. A decade of waiting for Eve and Will.

  3. Hanna's first Will encounter and her dark cloud is gone immediately. Also that left-handshake.

  4. They shake their left hands… I am pretty sure it is a secret code or something

  5. Hey, it's Will! Lookin' sexy, Will!

  6. Wait, but her skull is empty. Or is it full of neutronium? I’m so confused.

  7. Aw. 🙂 Knowing the whole story now, this first meeting of Eve and Will is just so heartwarming. The strip of them talking in Central Park on the rocks is still my favorite page of the entire series.

  8. Will's voice, in my head, at least occasionally sounds like Oscar the Grouch.

  9. and so began my decade long crush on will

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