#012 – bicycle rights management

So I think this concept needs a little explanation. Digital Rights Management was a hot issue in 2007 and I was trying to illustrate how paranoid and counterproductive it would be. At the time there was a strong push for permanent ownership of digital content, particularly when the user was paying for it. In 2018 with streaming services, iPads, e-readers, Creative Cloud, the App store and Steam and all the other digital marketplaces, it seems the battle has mostly been lost. In major cities, even bicycle ownership has given way to a shared economy. My precious metaphor!!

2 thoughts on “#012 – bicycle rights management

  1. I knew that metaphor in high school, you know. They'll be missed.

  2. Well, there's the farmers who have to get cracking software from the Ukraine to fix their tractors. That's still a thing.

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