#013 – welding freedom

I always really liked this Hanna outfit and the hand-on-hip pose in the last 2 panels. There's a nice line of who-gives-a-fuck that Early Hanna walks for me.

5 thoughts on “#013 – welding freedom

  1. I've always been partial to Eve's earlier butch, u-head look. Combined with this disheveled mechanic get-up, this is some peak Eve for me.

    1. I enjoy the early-20s lazy (lack of) hairstyle also.

  2. Nice Eve face in panel 3, too.

  3. Just because the comments are so empty so far: I'm really diging the rerun and your commentary! Excited for the days and weeks (and moths and …) to come =)

  4. "So… doin' that, huh?" remains one of my favorite lines, and something I still say to friends. It has an elegance of acknowledgement and non-reaction to it.

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