#006 – diplomatic stance

Still pretty happy with that Hanna in panel 2. Little fucker. I distinctly remember feeling like I was getting a handle on layout when I drew that spilt cereal bowl. Overlapping middleground and foreground objects were something I was trying not to avoid. Regarding comics technique, that arm reaching out from the righthand panel border is simply an extravagance.

4 thoughts on “#006 – diplomatic stance

  1. Just saw an Octopus Pie poster in season 4 episode 2 of Santa Clarita Diet! So happy for every bit of OP nostalgia.

    1. Season 2 episode 4*

      1. Dude, soooo wierd… I checked the show to see the poster for myself and this was the episode I was last watching.

  2. And here I was thinking Eve was smelling feet yesterday.

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