#007 – manuel

Aww, Eve's kitty cat. So loving, so disloyal. Man, look at this giant room. It's weird how not being very good at backgrounds means nothing is ever cozy. A room this size in Brooklyn would cost $3000 a month.

5 thoughts on “#007 – manuel

  1. I used to like to think that these early chapters are the high point of Eve's life, or at least a time when she had real possibility. There's a slow but steady, and then ever-accelerating downward spiral beginning right about now.

  2. $3000 now or in 2008

    1. That depends on the neighborhood.

  3. The first appearence of Manuel, a truly iconic strip in the OP universe

  4. Oh man, just noticed the DDR dance pad for the first time. I'm going to love this re-read. Thanks Ms. Gran.

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