#005 – pre-school reunion

Hanna is listening to a Fiery Furnaces song called "Sweet Spots" here. She is high. Enjoy the sounds of 2005.
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6 thoughts on “#005 – pre-school reunion

  1. Eve’s totally uptight look has been freaking me out (I thought I’d read all the way back, apparently not), but ahhh, Hanna hasn’t changed all that much.

  2. I'm so glad to be catching this rerun near the beginning! Something I've always wanted to know is when and why did Eve and Hanna part ways initially? Did they just end up going to different elementary schools?

  3. This is gonna be so much fun watching them flipped turned upside down

  4. did every comic artist during this period of time listen to fiery furnaces?

    1. nope just me

  5. Woot! Free feet pics! Lol. Joking aside, you are incredibly good at drawing expressive cartoon feet.

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