Another visceral theme of this age for me is not truly having any privacy. Hanna has only recently left her parents' nest - and only on a temporary, seasonal basis - and Mar is still living with hers. How much of a right either of them have to personal space is still kind of up in the air. I shared a bedroom for most of college; even the most private moments had an audience, were a thin wall away from one, or needed to be done on the DL or - maybe most embarrassing of all - with permission.

6 thoughts on “OTSAN #9

  1. I feel like Marigold instantly putting her contacts in when she finds out this jackass is coming upstairs to see her is an incredibly telling little moment.

    1. incredibly enough i found i learned more about mar through details like that than what she actually said. it makes sense in hindisight that this is the thing that opened up my eyes to comics as a medium in high school.

      1. Words tell, but actions speak.

  2. Poor Hanna, stuck with the almost-symbolism of room 402.

    1. Maybe she's 18 and so then things would add up?

      1. Good point!

        (I accidentally downvoted you and can’t change it, sorry!) 🙁

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