Okay, so I was airing something here, a type of manipulation that I've always known was bullshit, but at a certain point had no way of fighting. The single tear of a person who only wants to be off the hook somehow, who is legitimately Afraid of something but not the thing they're describing, and certainly nothing they'd know how share with an intimate partner. The single tear of a person who genuinely thinks the story they've cooked up is compelling (maybe even real) and can't believe how flat it's falling. I don't often put such a contemptuous figure in OP. But again, Anders himself doesn't matter very much: it's what he represents to Mar, and what she feels slipping away.

4 thoughts on “OTSAN #10

  1. i think we, the comment section, are all on the same page here but it still needs to be said: holy shit fuck everything about this guy

  2. I'm glad his type of character is in this comic, even though it almost makes my stomach turn to read his dialogue. If anyone has NOT experienced this type of manipulation in their past, they absolutely need to know that this happens all the goddamn time.
    This comic is sometimes a great reminder to be aware that the people around you may have had horrible relationships like this and to be kind and understanding when strange behaviors or reactions come up as a result.

    1. I agree! So many life lessons in this comic…I only realize after experiencing them myself how much they stand out when I re-read the comic.

  3. That middle finger reveal is just so perfect after that confession.

    I've also developed the phrase "sustained tear face", for manipulative scumbags like these off this page.

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