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  1. Thanks for the update. I'm going through some real shit right now and it's amazing how just one page can turn a whole day around.

    1. OP has made me feel this so many times. Bless.

  2. he's got some nerve, lol

    i mean, i know they've probably known each other for a long time, but still. not cool to talk like that, especially to a friend. have some faith, be supportive.

  3. A big step in growing up is realizing that some of your old friends don't really know who you are anymore … and that you don't really give a shit.

    1. I politely ask that you do not fuck me up like this while I am at work.

      Thank you.

  4. Jane isn't stringing Mar along, they're in love

  5. christian villamil

    Loaded dialogue come with the job of being a barista

  6. Believe in me who believes in you, Jane

  7. Watch me unravel

    1. As I walk awaaaay

    2. I'll soon be naked

      1. Lyin on the floor! Lyin on the floor!

        1. I've come undone!!

  8. I love Jane and Marigold together, but my fear is that the sweater curse is going to kick in.

    1. Yeah, it was mentioned in the comments on the page the sweater was introduced.

    2. It's how Will and Marigold broke up before. Maybe Jane can be a combo breaker! 😀

  9. Don is one of those characters I've never really been able to get a handle on. He looks a little different in every story he appears (maybe because he seldom appears and the art style has changed over time). I feel the same way about his personality. Last time we saw him, he was a moonshot romantic looking up unpragmatic Waldens on Craigslist

    Also "Digimon AMV," I love Jane's recurrent nerdy bonafides

    1. Between then and now, he had a Bad Breakup™ looks like!

      That, or he's loved ("loved") Eve all along and he found out about her and Will like, yesterday. WHOOPS. WHOOPSY DAISY

    2. I think he's just jelly 😛

  10. That first panel of Jane with a dreamy face. So cute! Hopefully puts to rest the worry that she had any reservations about moving in.

    Out of curiosity, how painful is it to wear a bra inside-out?

    1. It isn't, really. Just uncomfortable and hard to keep in place, especially if one were sprinting.

    2. I was about to ask the same. Anyone can enlighten us?

      1. Painful is not the word I'd use. I'm guessing some extra frilly bras can feel uncomfortable worn inside-out, because the fabric is supposed to look fancy on the outside and comfy inside. Can't say I have that issue though, since my own bras are really simple with no embellishment or padding (and I did wear them inside-out on multiple occasions without noticing 'til the end of the day), so maybe I'm wrong.

  11. I’d say Don just got dumped into the bucket labeled “haters gonna hate”….

    1. Also, belatedly noticing the sting in Jane’s last comment to him. “Who’s ‘we’, kemo sabe?”

      1. For those who haven't experienced the novels or TV shows of the [fictional guy], the Lone Ranger, "kemo sabe" is found in L.R. jokes, like this one:

        The Lone Ranger, and his friend, Tonto, are hiking on a mountain.
        They look down at the field, below the mountain, and see General Custer being pounded in Custer's last battle.
        The Lone Ranger says, "Well, we should go down and help him out",
        and Tonto replies, "What do you mean, "WE", kemo sabe?…What do you mean, "we"…pal?"

        1. I know it's easy enough, but I love it when someone is kind enough to explain so we don't have to use google. Thanks! 😀

  12. Thanks for the update. I'm going through some real shit right now and it's amazing how just one page can turn a whole day around.

  13. Just for the record it's never really been noticeable to me when I've worn my bra inside out. But then I'm a guy so maybe I've been doing it wrong all along anyway.

  14. Oh shit, it just hit me, the beginning of sweater song is all about "hey are you going to this party? My friends arent going can I get a ride?"


  15. that guy sounds like a real fun time. i sure want to have coworkers like him.

  16. Seems like a possibility that Don is doing an actual friend thing by being painfully blunt with Jane. But I think it's more likely that he's just upset since I think the last time we saw him he was planning on finding a new place to live with his bff Jane.

    I also love the references in this page. So teenage and angsty.

  17. Mike doesn't seem to be stirring . . ..

    1. He died. He did say he wasn't gonna be around forever! Or something, I think? At some point? Goodbye, Mike

      …except I don't think we really have time for a "Jane Inherits The Illuminati" arc before the comic ends.

      1. This wasn't the one I wanted to be right about . . ..

  18. I like how Don briefly turns into a Peanuts character in panel 6.

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