#967-971 – he was right

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  1. The fukken shit! 🙁

  2. So that's why Ollie wanted Eve to leave so badly

    1. He finally followed his dream of committing insurance fraud :')

  3. I'm gonna go with "accident."

  4. Welp that answers that then. Great work as always! 🙂 Do you have another masterpiece lined up for when Octopus Pie finishes?

  5. get those insurance coins, olly

    1. I'm kinda shocked it's taken him this long to do so.

  6. I'm just going to say what we're all thinking… insurance fire?

    1. as long as Olly remembered to pay insurance 😮

  7. goddamn, both the artwork (smoke especially) and the coloring on that last panel are magnificent.

    1. Also, the reflections!

      Given Olly’s perturbed state when we last saw him, I don’t know if insurance fraud is really necessary — I could easily believe he burned it out of existential despair. Or maybe just got so drunk/stoned he didn’t notice he’d dropped his cig…. In any case, talking the Doyleist tack, this is definitely a clearly marked end to Eve’s prior life….

      The other question is, of course, is whether Olly survived….

  8. Oh no! 🙁

  9. The color in this is amazing.

  10. Reading back on that last conversation between Eve and Ollie. "Fireworks"? "Something to ignite you"? Ollie, you old bastard…

  11. Insurance Fraud Arch!?!?!?

  12. Okay, so… it might NOT be an insurance fire… right? Guys?

  13. Hah, Eve was the only thing keeping that place from burning to the ground, wasn't she?

    1. Sure, if by 'thing' you mean "potential witness with annoyingly ethical objections to arson".

  14. So much for Eve making a dramatic exit; this fire just stole her "I'm quitting" thunder

    lol everyone here is like Olly did it for the fraud

    1. Didn't he actually say he wanted to at one point?

  15. 100% insurance scam.

  16. Guys, guys, maybe… give Olly the benefit of the doubt? He might have died in there, for all we know.

  17. I guess Olly didn't hear about the recall on his Samsung Note 7.

  18. Guys, Will took the cat with him.

  19. So, that means, there are no bridges left to burn?

  20. Ok ok so everyone's talking about the fire and ignoring the most important thing: Will grabbed Manuel before chasing after Eve, so he wouldn't be left alone in the car. What a cool guy.

    1. That's the first thing that made me believe in this new phase of their relationship, right there.

  21. I did not expect this to happen.

  22. Eve running up to the fire with that plucky kind of expression reminded me of the old Eve I haven't seen in a while. The Eve that casually swam across the East River and caught falling baby eagles.

    1. One of the best and coziest-to-this-NYer moments in this strip

  23. Getting huge Kiki's Delivery Service vibes with Eve running through the crowded streets toward the emergency, love it.

    No choice but to leave that wretched world behind now Eve! Not gonna totally celebrate just yet without knowing if it's actually an "accident" or an accident accident. I know it'd be funny if it were fraud but damn, Olly coulda gotten some peeps legitimately charred over some insurance money :/

  24. ;___; serious endgame shit now. I just.. it's like they say, when it's a good ending it's at once obvious that it couldn't have been any other way, and yet still surprising/shocking/you feel the genuine feelings.. it's not contrived.. it just IS. How it should be. TOO REAL!!

  25. I wonder which Eve thinks it is? From panels 7/8 it seems like she's put two and two together, but it might also just be that sinking feeling you get sometimes right before the discovery of a disaster. Either way, what a weird mixture of emotions!

  26. Wow. What amazing visuals!

  27. Healthiest fire ever

    1. 100% organic, gluten-free, no gmo fire

  28. Tom Cruise makes sprinting dramatically through a city look way easier than it actually is.

  29. We wanted Eve to escape but, *damn*

    Careful what you wish for and all that

  30. The color work on the last several pages has been phenomenal. That last panel, showing the fire, is particularly brilliant.

  31. I love the art in this, but I also feel like…it gives Eve an easy out. Now she HAS to move on, her old life literally went up in smoke. No need to take that step herself, it's been taken for her. So I love it, but I also wish maybe it'd gone in the direction of her having to resign and walk away in a grittier way…?

    1. I sort of agree. It is very reminiscent of Luke Skywalker returning to a ravaged home, his Aunt and Uncle dead, and having no life left to return to, pushing him to go with Obi Wan. But like Luke, Eve's mental state was already leading to the same decision regardless of what was going to happen. The Eve sitting in the car before discovering the fire wasn't an Eve that was going to work another day without putting in her two weeks anyway.

      1. One difference is that Luke was at the beginning of his story — arguably, that was part of his Call To Adventure. Eve is nearing the end of the story we know as Octopus Pie… who knows what other story she will pass into?

  32. Am I the only one that didn’t expect this and burst into tears?

  33. Ollie, nooooooo!!!

  34. I like how I charged into the comments to cry insurance fraud and everybody else beat me to it 😀

  35. I guess Eve can't quit because she's FIRED!

    1. Get out of my house

  36. Shoot the Works By Berton Braley

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    There are times to makes any coin you stake
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    There are times to back with your total stack
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    Yes, it's well to wait and to calculate
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  37. Rockin' that infinite canvas action.

  38. Sometimes it's great when life makes decisions for you

  39. To paraphrase the line about Shoeless Joe Jackson:

    Say it ain't so, Olly! Say it ain't so. :c

  40. Hehehe

    Olly really does have a flame-out business (http://www.octopuspie.com/2013-11-28/635-well-hang-though/)


  41. That's not the fukken shit

  42. merry christmas everybody

  43. is it weird to say that i'm hoping this is insurance fraud? and not…i hope olly is okay. he's been acting pretty weird lately

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