#635 – we’ll hang though

November 28th, 2013

#635 – we’ll hang though

Hi all! This is the end of this story arc. I encourage you to go back and Read It Again now that it’s not updating at a slow pace.

I’ve been in Europe! Thought Bubble was a lot of fun, and I’m so glad I was able to go. And now I’m in Paris looking at lights and eating bread for a few days, which is where all my update time went.

In December I might be trying something different here! There will be something. Be back soon.


Discussion (37)¬

  1. @yojenkim says:

    Ohmygoodness, that face. 0^0

  2. Dell says:

    LOL! Cracks!!! This was great.

  3. channamasala says:

    oooooo notice how the comic began with a cracked pane, then the climax was talking about cracks, and it ends with huge cracks in that window.

    I love how this story perfectly encapsulated that feeling when you know something's about to happen, consciously you don't know what it'll be, but subconsciously you totally do know, but won't realize that until far in the future.

    All this to say that Eve should quit her job and figure some shit out.

  4. verbose says:

    …and of course Eve is gonna have to clean that, I feel her pain.

  5. Steve B. says:

    I love Eve's terrible epiphany in panel three. Jacob is an asshole, but she sees that he's right.

    • Steve B. says:

      Wow, just now realized that Eve's epiphany is that she is to Olly's Organix what Sean is to Marigold. Both Sean and Eve have wasted years of their lives investing in something that will never be more than it is.

      • Arkadi says:

        …but Eve never put any emotional investment into Olly's business. It's just a job that pays the bills, and it's pretty obvious that she'd rather do something else if she had the chance. Sorry, but I'm not seeing the correlation.

        • Steve B. says:

          There are a bunch of Ollie's-related story arcs that would take issue with your assertion that Eve has no emotional investment in the store. Also, I didn't say the situation was literally identical.

        • Bryy says:

          Woah, woah, woah, are we forgetting the entire Fukkin' Shit story arc?

          I'm also in the same boat as Eve. I'm too emotionally invested in a shit job to leave.

  6. Bruno Guedes says:

    Suddenly shelf. o_O

    What the hell?

  7. Arvid says:

    Just love the last panel! 😀

  8. Omnithea says:

    You okay in there? Olly? Olly? Oxen free?

  9. level9chao says:

    This comic has gotten increasingly kawaii over the years.

  10. Marvin Choi says:

    Oh thank God it's only the end of this arc. I was honestly really scared. Really.

  11. @nickiannone says:

    Maybe Olly was going for a new look for the shop, the "decrepit, run-down inner-city" look. All he needs now are bars over the windows!

  12. @pakattak says:

    "We'll hang, though! Hit me up on Facebook or whatever."

  13. Waddles says:

    Even after two years of living in France, bread, croissants, cheese and macarons are about all I eat.

  14. bigfoot says:

    That's a sturdy window right thar.

  15. Dennisthemenace says:

    The irony of how you know that the series is over…she cleaned that window in the first ever panel.

    Other symbolism is that it shatters as the ploy organix life style pulls itself apart…. Suspicious…

  16. adamrocketblack says:

    I don't recognize eve in these last two panels, both looks and personality.

    anybody else?

    is this just because of the "Wisdom Bitch"?

  17. Adam says:

    Every time cracks appear or are mentioned in this story, it's about waking up from a dream.

  18. Chilly says:

    Where can I find the fall dogs falling from the tree illustration?

  19. Michelle says:

    Left on a cliff hanger x(! Come back Meredith Gran!!!!

  20. Nicole says:

    I refuse to believe this is the end
    ): Please don't let this be the end

  21. Stephanie says:

    so, i just found the series and i devoured the whole thing in just a few short days (best use of my time while at work.) I love it!! but i'm sad that i'm caught up now.

  22. HikaruYami says:

    Michelle, this wasn't a cliffhanger. This is the end of a story arc. Until we're told otherwise, there's nothing even remotely important about the fact that this window broke, or Eve was petrified, or whatever. The next comic will be an interlude or the start of a new arc. Again: no cliffhanger here.

  23. TRA says:

    *snickers* : )

    Eve had visions about cracks, and the Olly accidentally makes some! hee hee!

  24. mmkstarr says:

    Not gonna lie, kind of an abrupt and non-explained ending to an arc. But a good gag, though.