#937 – weather’s good

32 thoughts on “#937 – weather’s good

  1. I sincerely hope this is one of those 'awkward conversation preceding frank and serious conversation' things rather than 'awkward conversation symbolising the decline of the relationship' things because otherwise I will not be okay

    1. I doubt Eve would have traveled all the way out there with no intention of having that conversation eventually. This is just the "last time I saw you, you made a kinda dramatic romantic gesture that would be un-chill of me to bring up as the very first thing, and I have no idea how to transition the conversation to normalcy in a non-awkward way."

      1. Ever since this arc began I've been itching to ask, when *was* the last time Eve saw Will?(can someone send a link this way pliss)
        The last I seem to remember was coconut date day

      2. I have a suggestion; blunt, with no tact.

        Works every time.

      3. I want to believe

    2. How about awkward conversation leading up to confrontation with "who he brung to the dance?"

  2. Eve has come prepared with a hat that augments her ability to avoid eye contact

  3. Oh " i like you but I'm nervous about this whole thing" small talk.

  4. Are they… surprised at the calmness? And/or running out of things to say?
    Also, does Eve' have a tiiiiny liddle plant as a necklace, or is it a pineapple?
    So many questions. yay for update, too!

  5. "Gives us time to work on our small-talk skills."
    "Maybe something beyond just saying basic inanities or one-word responses."

  6. Ah, the awkward small talk of young love. Oh the times… I miss that.

  7. "Manuel's a cat!"


  8. You know what was a really good movie? Only Yesterday.

  9. inb4 sex in the grass first panel of the next page

  10. Someone's a little rusty at vacationing. No worries Eve, you'll get the hang of it

  11. honestly i came to this webcomic just because i saw jane and marigold's storyline and ended up falling in love with every character here, this is just amazing….

  12. Omg lol it's SO GOOD.. cuz it's so real… the awk is real.

  13. Please don't lose the cat.

    1. I've been stressin about Manuel since last post. Aren't the COYOTES in the country???

  14. If my mom saw that pineapple necklace she would transition into the webcomic and steal it.

    Aside from that random comment, i can soooo feel the awkwardness. So real!

  15. …. and Olly is there, too!

  16. Is that the same dress Eve wore for their coconut outing? that and everything about this comic make me so happy 🙂

  17. It's hard to fall into each other's arms when you're carrying lots of bags.

  18. Eve's looking so cute, I love that outfit. Also the colors are always good, but I really like the colors in this scene.

  19. *solemn little kid whisper* Eve I like your pineapple necklace

  20. Me, but at a bar last night

  21. Oh, the awkwardness. Just goes to show that not everything we talk about is always gonna be interesting.

  22. Ooooh, this is so painful…

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