#938 – a very productive dream

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  1. Oh. Ohhhhhhhhh wow. My heart's melting.

  2. So sweet <3

    I lost track of this comic for a while; glad I found my way back. You're doing beautiful work.

  3. I don't think its the lake she's been thinking about…

  4. This is the most satisfying thing. ahhhh!

  5. I think *all* SEO is for assholes.

  6. This just seems wrong somehow. I'm just waiting for it to all fall apart…

    1. I know right? I feel like in spite of how strongly we want this to work out and how much Eve and Will are right for each other, its precisely because they don't know each other that well (especially with the dialogue shown between Will and his therapist) that any relationship they'll take on is a huge risk. Will was/is idealizing Eve and knows jack shit about her, while Eve just suffered heartbreak/brutal wake up calling post-Park.

      What do they even have in common, besides equally lacking conventional measures of success and staying relatively the same compared to others?

      Hmm, I guess no relationship survives any major change for one of the two, but….

      Much trepidation. Much.

      1. Thinking back to this stage in my 20s, this is probably accurate-my friends and I had all failed so much and so spectacularly at relationships no one had any good thoughts when any of us embarked on a new one. But most are now happily married/coupled off, and those who aren't are happy with life. I raised more than a few eyebrows when I got together with the future Mrs Coo and got engaged 3 months in…nearly fifteen years later we're still going strong. Mrs Coo got a fair old grilling from a few of the Hannas in my life at the time, though…

        Of course, I'm #TeamEvill all the way, so my outlook may be more than a little biased…

  7. it's always nice when inside kitties get to run around outside

    1. And when they get to run interference so their owners can dash into the kitchen for a private moment.

      1. Manuel is on wingman duty.

    2. It actually makes me nervous – like, my cats would freak and run off and we'd never find them again.

      1. Either this is magical comic land and the cat will stick around, or that will be the next plot point (Manuel going missing).

  8. Don't fuck this up, you two! I've waited too long for this!

    (You're going to fuck it up, aren't you?)

    1. It's Octopus Pie. What do you expect? Good decision making?

    2. They're so totally going to fuck it up.

  9. the quiet intimacy <3

  10. "Baby". English affectionate nicknames will forever be weird.

    I'm very happy about the last panel <3

  11. Have we talked about how adorably Miyazaki Eve's outfit is

    1. I'm having an entire separate fandom just for Eve's dress rn.

  12. i've been reading octopus pie since like 2010
    i was in HIGH SCHOOL when i started wanting eve and will to kiss and be happy
    my heart is so full rn

    1. ahhh thats how long ive been reading and waiting! I just need this to last at least a few chapters. it's so wholesome.

    2. WOW ME TOO! That's when I discovered Octopus Pie. I've been waiting so long for this.

  13. The lighting!! I die.

    1. You and me, both, my fellow reader. You and me, both.

  14. Now ask her about her family!

    OK, well, not RIGHT now, but seriously, Will … you need to know her, for real, if you really want to connect with her.

  15. oh… oh my god be still my beating heart

  16. Pleaseworkoutpleaseworkoutpleaseworkoutpleaseworkout

  17. Is Will truly ready? Don't fuck this up, boy

  18. Eve is cradling her luggage the same way she was cradling that coconut on her last date with Will. I thought it sort of looked like a swaddled baby then and I think it looks like that now, foreshadowing? 🙂

  19. Goddamnit I love this comic.

  20. So perfect for a Monday morning! So much love and part with the cat made me giggle <3

  21. I've followed OP for years.. I haven't been able to read for a while, but reading the most recent arc makes me feel like I'm checking in with old friends. It's like when the Harry Potter books came out, I was the same age as Harry, so I grew up with his stories. Similarly, OP has narrated my 20s. Knowing Eve and Will are finally doing so well brings me a deep peace because it's been so natural for their journeys. It makes me realize how universal some things are for everyone at this age – the craziness that comes with finding love, finding self-contentment, finding passion, finding meaning. I've moved abroad by myself recently, and seeing both the comics and the commenters makes me feel not so lonely anymore. I'm so happy Will and Eve worked on themselves and then could genuinely love each other. I don't care what anyone says; to me they're real <3 Thank you Meredith for the amazing comic!

  22. *explodes in happiness*

  23. I'm speechless. So many memories of my youth…

  24. *italian chef kissing his fingers gesture*

    absolutely perfect. thank you for this gift meredith

  25. I've read this four times since it was posted yesterday, and every single time, I can feel my heart grow three sizes and melt simultaneously.

  26. I'm so happy I could cry

  27. When did Will get hella smooth??

  28. One, I hope Eve is finally ready to make a decision on what her relationship with Will is. Will is clearly beyond wanting a fwb situation, so for her and his sake, I hope she is ready to take the next step to either stay or move on without him.

    Two, I really hope that Hanna is okay with this (it doesn't seem like she is). Her "what do YOU want" felt almost indirectly aimed at Eve for intruding on their retreat. I want to believe I'm reading into it too much and Eve visiting won't backfire horrifically.

    1. To me, this feels like the relationships will mirror the beginning of the comic-Eve was initially "Oh what now?!" when Marek arrived, but grew very close to both him and Hannah (to the point where it felt like Eve was also grieving for their relationship when they broke up). I think (and hope) OP will end with Will and Eve together, with Hannah as the close mutual friend of them both…but with each of them in a far better place because of all the growth we've seen.

      (Although I'd be delighted if we could have a last-panel hint of rapprochement between Hannah and Marek, too 😉 )

    2. trapdooralligators

      Yeah, like, what if Hannah's first response to Eve was backhandedly referring to what she hoped her trip/relationship with Will would be?

  29. That last pannel, holy heck, the sense of dread that it gives out under this coat of warm relief is… I really hope they turn out ok, and Hannah too.


  31. Yes yes! Oh, wait, no no! If this works out, where could OP go from there?

  32. my heart is genuinely warming at this. i've been re-reading through OP over the last few days and it's been an emotional time.

  33. It's a shame this is a webcomic…

    Meredith can't pair this page with a tissue for how hard some people are creaming right now. :p

    But seriously, just wanna say I love Will's saggy eye in the last panel. Great way to show longing, like a longing that's been around for so long he's tired from having to carry it this whole way. Great stuff.

  34. Can we get those last three panels as a wallpaper? And bask in the glow of likely short happiness?

  35. This has been bothering me. Did she bring her cat instead of her suitcase?

    1. He ripped a hole in the suitcase, so she packed her things in Olly's grocery bags and brought the cat.

    2. Her stuff's in the Olly's Organix bags. Took me a second, too.

  36. They've all progressed so much, that while I think a varying length idyllic phase and big fights are ensuing between them all, I hope they're going to communicate and work through it. After seeing parts of my own aging process in all the characters, growing up with this comic, I'm gunning for a not necessarily 'everyone is happy forever' ending, one that acknowledges that theyve all grown and learned to be a little healthier and kinder in their relationships and self views.

    I actually used to not be for Eve and Will, but things change 😉

  37. Manuel is getting chubby

  38. I love the closeness going on between Eve and Will, but I love that little peck Eve gives Hanna even more! Like, that is just sisterhood-level friendhip right there! And it's adorable to boot! ?

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