#935 + 936 – i won’t be gone long

29 thoughts on “#935 + 936 – i won’t be gone long

  1. dang this is idyllic as fuck yo

    1. tru dat, those trees are lush as shit

  2. I love that she took the cat with her.

  3. Hey so I know the last page was gorgeous but personally this shit right here is what I'd hang over my fireplace (if I had one).

    The body language, the dialogue (and lack of it) , the framing, the variety of color schemes, the strangers hugging, the hat, the cat, and on and on. Excellent job!

  4. Manuel is not having any part of that hug.

  5. This better work out. Eve deserves some happiness for once

    1. They both do. I think things will be good with this…I hope.

  6. Oh my god, this is magical.

  7. lmao at the Olly bags in panel 5.

  8. Manuel's face during that hug is so cat it makes me so happy.

  9. I'm getting a distinctly Spirited Away vibe from this one. I like it.

    1. Yeah I thought of Miyazaki too – more Totoro, but whatever. Smalltown trains and countryside, etc.

      1. You beat me to it. Totoro!! 😀

    2. Only Yesterday was my first thought, but yeah, definitely some Studio Ghibli parallels.

  10. All of the panels are wonderful, but somehow I really like number 7, we've seen Eve in public transport before and that's such an intrinsic part urban life it's fun to see how relaxed she seems here in comparison to the subway, for example.
    The change of scenery is lovely too, without doubt.

    1. Interesting how we interpret things, I was having the feeling that Eve was stressed and introspective. Maybe anxious towards the unknown territory she is stepping in figuratively. And with Olly's intervention, there is stuff to think about. But maybe I'm projecting. Also, Will is actively changing the vibe and boundaries of their relationship, we know whaf he thinks and how he feels. I keep wondering: how does Eve feel?
      But she could totally be relaxed too, when I red your comment I came back and saw it under this light and it make sense too.

      1. Interesting indeed!

        I see how you could interpret it otherwise. It's true that we've seen a lot about Hanna and Will's emotions lately, but not Eve herself.

        I confess I also projected quite a bit, I love the feeling of getting on a bus/train/plane and letting go, and that's what that panel seemed to capture. The change of background colour and even the shape of the panels still makes me think of her becoming less tense. You made me go back and study it all minutely again :p But that's part of the fun, and what this comic does so well, let you interpret so many things. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  11. It took me a few minutes to realize she took the cat with her.

  12. Aww Manuel got to come too!

  13. Will's big goofy grin and googly eyes are what did it for me. Perfect.

  14. How did Eve not spend that entire trip intently staring at Will's directions constantly worrying about getting on the wrong train/bus and/or missing her stop? She's some kind of superhero…

  15. The updates have been so mind-blowingly awesome for the past few… I don't remember how long even. I just couldn't leave without posting a comment.

    Keep doing what you're doing. It's pure gold. In terms of emotions and color this comic deserves to be in the realm of the great artists of the past. Today's update makes me feel more than any Van Gogh ever has.

  16. This is… like living in the strip instead of reading it. I love it and live it.

  17. I wonder how this will change the dynamic between Hanna and Will. Groups of three don't always work out. Hanna may feel like she is third-wheeling with these two potential love birds.

  18. Manuel! For some reason I've always imagined him as a black cat. Guess not!

  19. Also, how is Hanna gonna feel about this?

  20. Took me a while to realize she was carrying those tote bags because manuel ripped a hole in her suitcase

  21. That one panel of Eve inside the train, just gazing at the sea, that I'd frame and save for my entire life. That's the entirety of OctoPie for me, why I love it and relate to it so much, it's this air of wonder in a transitory and incertain momment, where you may or may not have a set destiny, but are still obligated to go on or go along, and yet, the journey can be relaxing and beautiful if you give yourself a momment to gaze out of the window of your own road.

    But as I said, trasition is the key word for me here. That panel, OctoPie… I barely just got to my 20's and I can't remember well where I came from and often lose grasp of where I'm going, but in the uncertainty of transiotion there's this little momments where I look at whatever is my ocean at the other side of the glass and I can just enjoy a momment of time standing still, while I move, maybe, only in space.

    I don't know exatly, but I'm not in a good place for myself right know, and I feel like, if I find my own train that I feel like it's in a better road for me, I can gaze outside again, and the expectation frozen in that panel fused with subtle tranquility is so calming… OctoPie never fails in making me feel a little bit better.

  22. Of course she took Manuel with her. And of course I relate to that because I'd do the same thing…

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