#937 – weather’s good

There's a desperation in small talk, at least for me, to get to the point where airs can be thrown off. Sometimes if I'm finding it hard to get there, I almost want to give up: declare how boring it is, and strike at any pressure point where a human being might be hidden. But I'm timid, and there's almost always something at stake: good relationships with neighbors, colleagues, friends of friends. Here, there's so much at stake, and they've had so much time to falsely visualize the location, the scenario, the other person. Fortunately, and unlike Hanna, Eve and Will can stand to play the game. When almost every encounter has led to some kind of seduction or communion, it's almost a tacit admission that they don't really know how to be around each other yet.

7 thoughts on “#937 – weather’s good

  1. This is the first time I've noticed her cute pineapple necklace!

  2. That first panel is as outright *pretty* as I could recall Eve being drawn thusfar.

  3. I hope those sandals are comfy enough for a half mile! Haha

  4. will carrying manuel, the cat and arguably *true* hero of this story, made me so much happier this time around

    1. His eyes! They speak of unspeakable thoughts.

  5. I strive to wear a floppy sun hat as effortlessly as Eve does.

  6. I guess I wasn't paying attention (wouldn't be the first time) but before this arc I really don't remember an Olly's Organix reusable shopping bag/tote. Wherever Eve goes on this trip she'll carry Olly's visage, and his histrionics about pursuing her emotions, with her.

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