#935 + 936 – i won’t be gone long

Still very pleased with this one. The ratty old suitcase, the baggage of Manuel and Olly, the man on the bus with his parallel long-distance romance. Most of all, I love that stupid little Will on the horizon, from Eve's perspective. HE's the reason you're here? That guy? You dropped everything and came all this way for him? But he doesn't seem cool at all. He's downright corny. So obviously out of place in the countryside, so helpless to control his excitement. Christ, what a thing to think about someone you love. Maybe you don't love him after all. What if this trip is an immediate disaster, and this is the last you'll ever see of him? You can't imagine losing him, but it would be cruel to give the wrong impression. Still... look at that smile. Has anyone ever made you feel so wanted? If he can look at you like that, so openly, is he really the lamentable one? Or is it you, buried under layers of what-not-to-dos and fuck-thats, who needs to break through? Some part of you knows all this; it's why you're here. Maybe this IS a goodbye of sorts, but not from anything you'll miss. What seems like pain is only a sweet discomfort.

13 thoughts on “#935 + 936 – i won’t be gone long

  1. Geez, but Eve can really wear a sun hat. She must already look like "vacation" when she steps out the apartment door.

  2. Lot of great blues on this page.

  3. wow that caption punched me in the dang gut, wrung some tears from me. Fuck.

  4. the baggage of Manuel and Olly! I didn't even notice Olly's face lurking up there the first time i read this. also i love the consistency of Manuel's design, with that pointy swoop of a noggin. and always so rubbery and elastic and even kind of the color of silly putty.

  5. I only got the significance of Eve literally bringing Olly as her baggage at the moment I read Meredith's explanation, and now I am embarrassed I didn't see it before. Maybe I need to be a little more tolerant of the similar metaphor that appears in The Darjeeling Limited.

  6. I'm very glad that not only does that meaning come across, but it's achieved through this: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/4736920783

  7. greatest of the apes

    Manuel's lashing tail while being hugged is so real. How strange it must be for cats to live with these great apes and endure their customs.

  8. This travel montage feels like the beginning of a Miyazaki film to me. Well done!

    1. that's exactly what i came here to say!!! the walk along the river and the tilt of her sun hat also really gave me those vibes

  9. Finding someone with whom you can let go of concepts like "cool" and "corny" is exceptionally good shit.

    1. once i found that person i never let go

      1. Fourteen years and counting, here.

  10. This sequence feels downright Ghibliesque.

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