#934 – sweet corn

There's a lake house I've visited with friends and lovers and dogs for years, and this chapter is modeled from that. My life has never looked the same with any visit; what better place to take stock of it all? Hanna is feeling the sort of contentment that's eluded her for years, but she can no longer take it for granted. Will chose to stay in her life, and now by an incredible stroke of luck, they're here together.

5 thoughts on “#934 – sweet corn

  1. There is a unique kind of reflection and healing that comes with lake trips that I truly believe you can’t get anywhere else. This page is one of my favorites because it’s such a perfect crystallization of that special feeling.

  2. Good lord do I need a getaway like that right now – I think everybody does, though.

  3. I think this is my favorite coloring in any OC strip. Just fantastic!

  4. Grilled corn is peak life

  5. I could absolutely fuck up stuff roasted corn right now

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