#938 – a very productive dream

The page hits! I FEEL IT! Though I've gone back and forth over the years. The kiss itself doesn't do much for me - it's formal, procedural. Even by panel 5 they're not quite in alignment. But I always go back to Will's tired eye and the weight of his confession. Compare to Park's comforting gesture to the past: in essence, what Hanna would call a very productive dream. This meeting is awkward and distressing because it's new. There are better things ahead, if they're not too world-weary to find them.

8 thoughts on “#938 – a very productive dream

  1. This was the first page I ever saw of Octopus Pie, and I think it's kind of cool that it got reposted on my birthday haha. I wasn't that good with the english language to fully understand it when I stumbled upon it for the first time (I thought Hanna was just a child and that Eve was some sort of aunt…), but it looked so beautiful and the characters seemed so interesting that I decided to read the full thing in about… two weeks? I may not have been able to follow the comic for a long time, but boy did I enjoy it!

  2. I just noticed the cat, Manuel, here. I thought he'd stayed at Eve's apartment. So I had to look back and see how he got here. Turns out he was in one of Eve's bags, though it was only obvious in the last page. And now the cat is out of the bag…

  3. i don't how you managed to capture the glow of being in free fall with someone but goddamn it's perfect.

  4. I love the composition of panel 2, with blissed-out Hanna and Eve's loving smooch and the neglected work reading. And it's kind of sweet that Will can't maintain his nonchalant joke for more than like a second.

  5. The last panel. Something about Eve's arm and Will's hand on the back of her hair. Just perfect. To me that post-kiss moment says much more than the kiss itself. Love it

  6. Does anyone have an experience owning a cat that could be allowed loose outside in a new place this way? I'm curious whether this is a bit of creative license to add layers to the story or if this is an actual thing if you own a particularly intelligent and emotionally stable cat.

    We never risked it with any of the cats we owned when I was growing up–even if we didn't think they'd get scared and run away or get lost, raccoons and coyotes are a real risk. But of course if you don't risk it you never learn if it would have worked.

    1. My family took our pet cat on vacation to a cabin in the forest one year (in the 80s, when we were all young and foolish), and as soon as the door opened to the car, the cat shot off into the woods. We would see him skulking around from time to time, but, when we were packing up the car, he sauntered right up to the car and we were able to nab him and bring him home.

      He had his own completely separate cat vacation.

      (Note: thinking about this story today makes me sweat bullets, I would NEVER repeat it. WE GOT SO LUCKY.)

    2. My cat travels with us to new places comfortably and without stress, though we take him to an indoor location first before exploring backyards and such. I feel very lucky he is so relaxed! My previous cats could never do this.

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