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  1. I've been thinking about this at 35. Why not? Maybe I'm finally ready to pick something that I'll still love in 30 years!

    I keep thinking, as I get older, that I have less time to get bored with whatever I choose, which is a good argument for delaying until I'm 63 or so.

    1. Eh, I say go for it. I covered my arms in tattoos 7 years ago and I still don't own anything with sleeves. 😛

    2. I'm 40 and thinking about my first tattoo.

      although it has more to do with having a kid and wanting to put her name on me somewhere.

    3. I started getting my tattoos at 30, last year. Got about 4 now, should have 7 by the end of the year. The funny thing is my doing so has made my dad, now 69, decide he wants to get one. My mom is not the most pleased about this.

    4. You should. It's not a big deal these days. Depending where you get it, it's not super painful (just stay off of bony parts) and can be fairly easy to cover if you need to.

    5. I am 35 and just got a tattoo I've wanted since I was 22 and designed at 28. I am ABSOLUTELY happy I did. GO FOR IT.

  2. Larry kinda looks terrified in the last panel.

    1. Naw, he looks in complete bliss and excitement. Dude is going to get a tattoo—and someone else is paying it (plus he gets cheering). That's a pretty sweet birthday gift!

  3. Larry looks like he made a grave mistake.

  4. Probably my favorite Will face

  5. I'm reminded of Dar Williams' song, "Party Generation":

    It was the kind of party that you hope never ends
    The lucky party boy surrounded by his friends
    And they were all in pointed hats
    Caught in a rebel birthday shout
    And he was at the candles with his mom there to help him out
    There was a lot that you could learn if you lay near them
    Like if you listened you could hear them and he could hear them

    They say,

    Tonight we're gonna be the party
    We will party all night long
    We are the party generation
    So lift your head lift your head
    Party on

  6. I really love the last panel for some reason. Look at all 'em happy almost-30-year-olds! 😀

  7. make a tattoo of larry walking into his grave! woooo!

  8. I'm 26 and would probably get my first tattoo under the right social pressure, and if it's sufficiently abstract I don't think I'd ever regret it.

    That's the least dedicated commitment to a tattoo I could write, but it's the truth.

    1. Do it! I got mine at 31, and I regret I didn't start sooner and get a bunch more. In your mid-20s your mind is pretty set, and if you do a little research it will look awesome.

  9. Man, Larry has a lot of love here. XD

  10. I thought about the same in my 30th birthday. 10 years later I'm still thinking about it. I find nothing interesting. Maybe a QR or Data Matrix barcode to ID me in case of fatal or incapacitating injury? Name, address, emergency contact, blood type, allergies, etc? Dunno.

  11. Theyre doin it man

    They're makin this hapen ^_^

  12. It is nice that Hannah is just having fun in the background. She needs to unwind.

  13. I can't decide whether:

    1. At 30, Larry is a little bit tired of capital-letters Being Larry, oooooor
    2. Larry said the word "tattoo" because he WANTS a tattoo and he knew putting the idea into the mob's head would almost certainly result in him GETTING a tattoo without him PAYING for it.

    It's probably both, right? Good ole Larry. So cunning, so well-adjusted.

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