#921 – he’s gonna do it

14 thoughts on “#921 – he’s gonna do it

  1. Do people have to actually wait that long?

    1. If you don't book in advance? Yes. The weird thing (to me) it's that this is at night; you'd think it's a bit late for a tattoo shop to be that busy. But maybe it's a New York thing again (?)

      1. The City that Never Sleeps! Back in 2006, my wife got her ears pierced in a tattoo/piercing place in the West Village at like 11:30 PM and they weren't even close to closing for the night. Bars are open till 4 AM — stuff stays open to cater to that crowd (even tho they're supposed to not pierce or tattoo anyone who's noticeably intoxicated).

    2. If it's unscheduled, it can be a long wait, depending on how busy the tattoo parlor already is. It's not a speedy process–my tattoo's about the size of a quarter and it took like an hour–so having a few clients ahead of you adds up.

    3. Not at the shop I used to hang out at. The owner himself would do it if everyone else was busy. Or at least get started on it. Maybe you’d have to come back for color in a couple days if it was a big one.

  2. The hypest 30th birthday ever.

  3. Clever!

  4. Lol did he tell the guy to take a long-ass time so everyone would peace, and he leaves tattoo free?

    Otherwise it's kind of a sad delfation to Larry's b-day 🙁

  5. Panel seems like a setup for Larry feeling either disappointed with tattoo at the end or stopping himself just in time

  6. The sad reality.

  7. Hope he doesn't pick a design that'll take multiple sessions.

  8. I love how Will went from leaning on the counter and drinking to sitting and drinking to dozing off in the span of three panels. En excellent depiction of that late night 'buzz wearing off'-progression 🙂

  9. I wonder what meds Will is taking, and what he's drinking? My escalitopram and buproprion warn not to take alcohol while on them.

  10. Last panel: gotta love a trooper who's trying to keep the spirit alive!

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