#889 – the scary parts aren’t that scary

22 thoughts on “#889 – the scary parts aren’t that scary

  1. This entire arc has been some of teh best and most powerful stuff to ever come out of this comic. And with Octopus Pie, that's saying something.

  2. Oooooh, yes,
    this is powerful stuff~
    Got me circlin' like the moon 'round the sun~

  3. I think what I love most about this comic–the whole thing, not this individual entry–is just how well it's captured the way that twenty-somethings figure life out. It's different for each of them of course, and the comic reflects that, but in all cases the characters we started with are more than they used to be. They've been shaped by the highs and lows, they've fought through the bullshit, and they've emerged as more complete human beings who are ready to move on to the next phase of their lives. This is beautiful, powerful, poignant work, elegantly told in an engaging, amusing, and gripping manner. God damn, Meredith.

  4. The bros partying on the adjacent rooftop. The deep twilight atmosphere is palpable. And these two man…I'm gonna go lie down

  5. "For not all tears are an evil."

  6. Cute af, but all I could think about was them sitting on the edge of the fucking building. One wrong makeout move and someone's splatter on the sidewalk. I am a nervous person.

    1. I can't believe nobody has told you this in these last four years, but there's actually a wall behind them, as you can see on the last page, and also during Hannah and Jane's rooftop conversation during that one Halloween party.

  7. "I think of the kind of person I could be without shame." Ouch. Ouch. Touches hard on the things I've thought in the last 3 or so years.

  8. Love, twue wuv… is seriously underrated

  9. The play between the light and the shadows is wonderful.

    It's like an old black and white movie, in color.

  10. I wish someone had ever felt this way about me, or vice versa.

    1. Me too.

  11. Random Spanish Guy

    This is super beautiful stuff, but I don't think it really happens in real life? I mean, how long have they been dating? Pretty sure that, even if the other person felt strongly about you, if you pull this off on them so early, they are just going to run away as fast as they can. People are scared of strong displays of emotion, you have to ease them into it.

    Maybe other people disagree?

    1. Happened to me. Not exactly the same words, and I'm a guy (she was a gal), but yeah… basically the same thing. And it was a very short time frame.

      I expect Marigold to kiss the tears off of Jane's cheeks. That's how similar this is to my experience.

      But yes, people are terrified of strong emotion. Probably why that has only happened to me once.

    2. It's happened to me. It's definitely not something that happens with just anyone, but if you're lucky you might find someone you don't feel guarded around at all, who you feel natural sharing the most secret parts of yourself with almost as soon as you become friends. It's so easy to fall in love with someone who makes you feel that way. Hell, maybe that part -is- what love is; can't say I've figured that one out for sure yet.

      If I had seen this before it'd ever happened to me, perhaps I might also think it was a little idealistic, or a little too quick to be a meaningful connection. But I have experienced it, even if only once, and it is one of the most meaningful things I've felt in my life, so this page hit me pretty hard. I know -exactly- the feeling she's describing. It made me cry when I talked about it for the first time, too.


  13. I can't handle this page
    I mean, I can, but every time I read it I start to cry.

  14. Jesus f*ck Meredith, it's 1 am here. I don't want my neighbors to hear me cry out of happiness and fear.

  15. "Woooo! Yeah-" "Bro, WAIT -I think one of them is crying!"
    *wooing ceases*

  16. Both Jane and Marigold are folks who have hardened demeanors (in different ways) and soft beating emotional hearts. This is the first time we've seen Jane really letting down her guard with Marigold, rather than playing it cool. Which makes me wonder, what kind of person does Jane think she could be?

    This is so powerful and romantic, I'm kind of leery of it turning into a co-dependent relationship, but they both seem so curious about each other, respectful of each other's worlds, and happy for each other. So far so good

    Also it is ridic how much better the comic looks when viewed in Safari rather than Chrome on my computer. The lines are so much smoother and the colors pop so much more!

  17. Well, after spontaneously buying the first two years' anthology book last week, I've just sat and basically read 8 years worth of comics in one sitting today whilst on a sick (i.e. mentally exhausted) day from work.

    I've enjoyed every second, and look forward to reading every single strip from this point onwards.

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