#879 – human lives are at stake

This is a super minor thing but I'm not quite sure why I made panel 1 so wide. I THINK I saw panels 3 & 4 as the most important, and didn't want the grids to match up, either shape-wise or in the layouts of perfectly centered characters. I might've just also been strapped for time and didn't think through all the possibilities of the moment. Anyway, like I said the focus was on the 2nd tier, where Jane makes my closest approximation of an "am I about to get fucking dumped?" face.

8 thoughts on “#879 – human lives are at stake

  1. Jane's face is accurate and I felt her romantic anxiety in my heart of hearts.

    In more important news, I appreciate that you used the correct spelling "judgmental" instead of the increasingly common error "judgemental".

  2. I just kinda love this tech-exposition guy with his incredibly casual cigarette and open shirt.

  3. There's a lot of emotions happening in panel 4. You're commentary is so awesome, it puts the whole comic in a new light for me!

    1. Forreal, all these explanations make me realize just how often I keep misinterpreting the silent moments. I knew Jane must be regretting what she did but I didn't realize she thought she might get dumped.

  4. When I was first reading OP I was speedrunning it to catch up and I think must have missed a bunch of stuff, because now I'm reading it at a daily drip feed, I am feeling *tense* about where Mar and Jane are right now and I already know where it goes!

  5. I enjoy the little speech balloons in panel four, with the tiny, illegible type. Gets the point across wonderfully, and you can see them pop up in OP more than a few times.

  6. at the time this was initially posted i got the tension and also thought marigold was being a brat for withholding all of this until combustion than getting catty and defensive when jane got confused; if it ended up tanking what could be the most fulfilling relationship of both their lives i doubt i (nor marigold, for that matter) would've forgiven it.

    now with years of hindsight i still think she is being a brat of sorts, but it reads far more sympathetic. having been both the person out of control of their anxieties and the stable voice in the room during an argument with a loved one this entire scene is paced so eerily on point it makes me itchy to read.

  7. I always read the flights of surrealism as extended acid trips or group round-robin storytelling games. Only way to reconcile them, in my mind.

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