#880 – essencing agreement

Here I wanted to expand on the feeling the "Home" sequence gave us: young people getting together and Doing Things and Creating Stuff, an energy that alone can transport matter through space at accelerated speeds, make digital contact with spirits, and transcend our earthly bodies. Such promise. At the same time, Jane feels the frustration of their neediness, the inability of her fellow anarchists to self-govern, and the intercommunity drama that keeps an ex-fling in her life, lying in wait to steal her girlfriend. Jane is pulled back into this gamified existence, a cool puzzle problem with a straightforward solution, and a timer on Mar's devotion counting down to zero.

5 thoughts on “#880 – essencing agreement

  1. "Take only meetings" is great. Perfect mash-up of hippie and office drone.

  2. I always thought that panel three, blown up to several feet across, would be a modern Lichtenstein.

  3. "They'd be permanently"


    That whole thing sounds like a line Jeff Goldblum's uttered in a movie.

  4. Was that girl an ex-fling of hers? I always read this page as Mar being supremely chill, like "yeah, we're fighting and I'm upset but I appreciate that you have a life and people outside of me and respect you performing necessary maintenance to that end"

    1. It was implied that there's something between them on panels 21 & 22 here (just briefly): http://www.octopuspie.com/2015-08-21/818-home/

      And now it's canon, I guess!

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