#842 – the oven doesn’t open all the way

October? More like Oct-OVER! There's one more page coming down the pipes from this month, then we're on to another 10 for November! Things will be way more consistent in the coming weeks.

38 thoughts on “#842 – the oven doesn’t open all the way

  1. Most realistic depiction of NYC real estate ever?

    1. Matched only by the other octopus pie arc about NYC apartments…

      1. That is to date still my favorite story line

    2. Gentrifications is a bitch, isn't it?

  2. Aww 🙂 This makes me smile.

  3. Gah. Another killer coloring job. Beautiful.

  4. I'm probably in the same age group as the characters but because I'm still studying (med school lyf) I don't have the same problems (not even relationship problems lol) and it makes me feel anxious in a way… They're all finding themselves, making mistakes, learning, growing; but they're still so young with so much room for error. When I join the working force, I'll probably be in my late 20s/early 30s, single, and broke. Hahaha. 'Tis a scary world out there and I'm so very sheltered.

    Sorry, just wanted to put that out there. Haha! Loving the storylines so far, btw! And the art! And colors!!! <3 also, it would be so amazing to have a tour of their apartments *__*

  5. She could have so much more room in there with a repositioned bed

    1. But then it would be in front of her closet.

      1. I'd rather reach over my bed to get to the closet than the oven.

    2. She needs a Murphy. Otherwise, it's perfect!

  6. She has a Bay blanket! I dub her an honorary Canadian.

    1. OH MY GOD YES!
      I'm Canadian and this makes me like her even more!

      Although flat screen TV= seriously overrated. Get a bookshelf, Mar! (says the curmudgeon who refuses to get data on her phone)

  7. I want to live there. You don’t have to get out of bed to open the fridge, fucking amazing view. It looks gorgeous

  8. This is why I could never live downtown anywhere.

  9. I could spend like one whole hour analyzing this and listing out all the reasons why it rocks, our just say that Meredith and Valerie did another goddamn great job of a page yet again.

    Guess which one I chose.

  10. Does Marigold has one of the stylish European movie posters for "Black Swan" (as opposed to the predictable posters from the U.S. release)?

  11. Living in Manhattan and a map of Brooklyn. Hoboy.
    I like how Jane's colors are green (Envy? Horny?) And Marigold is gold with light blue.

    1. I thought it was downtown Brooklyn.

      1. It certainly could be downtown brooklyn, but usually I hear 'downtown' referring to manhattan while downtown brooklyn is named by neighborhood. That and the view; Im not sure how tall the buildings get in brooklyn, but I thought above 6 stories is rare.

  12. Crown Heights isn't that bad yet!

  13. If she rotates the stove 90 degrees to the right the oven door will have room to open…

  14. Gorgeous. I love the perspective in the 2nd panel and how it shows the shape of the room, the view, the space… ugh… Perfection.

  15. What's the little thing in Jane's hand in panel two?

    1. Teacup?

      1. Toothbrush bag? Seems like she wouldn't hold a teacup that way, and also she probably would take her jacket off before getting a teacup.

  16. Loft that bed. You'll still have a great view from it, and you could go all kitcheny underneath, again with a great view and the oven in easy reach.

    1. I think she may have space above her closet. That would be amazing and give her space for a 2 seater couch.

  17. Pretty sure it’s downtown Brooklyn, not Manhattan. A few friends live/have lived over that way (Flatbush Ave right off the Manhattan Bridge), and it’s lots of new construction that looks very much like this, right down to the awesome views with weirdo unworkable floor plans. Nice details!

  18. Love how 50% of the comments on this one are suggestions how Mar could improve her living space. Yet another sign we are all 20- and 30-somethings (the first sign being we all hella relate to Octopus Pie)

    1. Pushing 50 myself… I think it's more that Our Host drew the apartment well enough that we could see how it works, and imagine living there! Unlike many strips, the characters aren't floating in front of generic backgrounds, or whatever appliance is in use.

  19. I'm in love with where she lives. I have no idea why. It seems impractical, but man… you put some major humanity into the art. So much so that I can imagine myself living in that little place and actually liking it.

    Yeah, this is awesome.

  20. Time to go to IKEA.

  21. I'd be really careful with the bed next to the oven — might want to move that flammable bed over to the window.

    ETA: Also, if she can't open the oven all the way, how is she getting into the fridge?

    1. Well, to get something from the fridge you don't have to open it all the way, you only need to open it enough to get the thing out.

  22. "The days are getting way too short."

    Just in time for daylight savings.

  23. i'm dying for the colors in this page, wow ;_;

  24. RIP, I live in crown heights, haha. that joke hurts too much <3

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