#843 – this will probably be bad

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  1. Aww. Pretty smart. Honesty is the best policy when you don't know what you're doing.

    1. Indeed, or if you're afraid of being deficient in any way. That is How Grown-Ups Do.

      I recall having a moment that went something like "Hey, uh, I haven't had a shower since last night, so I apologize if oh I guess it's okay yeah keep doing that"

      It's lovely when your fears are proven baseless. 🙂

  2. I love how your characters interact with each other, it feels natural

  3. Oh god, this is perfect.

  4. Ah Mar, I've been there, except I didn't end up having sex with any women.
    Ha ha.

  5. Argh, I'm such a sucker for this kind of self-deprecating confession move. So endearing!

    Jane's reactions are so great throughout.

  6. Yahoo Answers is just trolls answering trolls, Mari! No wonder Jane is already cringing 😛

    1. Any advice involving either a literal mace or cans thereof…probably trolling.

    2. She isn't cringing, she's trying her damned best to hold the laughter in XD

  7. hey, you've got her laughing already! I hear that's a good start. 🙂

  8. all of this is 100% accurate!! hahaha NOT THAT I'VE BEEN IN THIS POSITION MYSELF. >_>
    there are many informative articles out there, Mar! don't use Yahoo answers!

  9. Gran, you've got too much awesome. Please stop, leave a little for the rest of us.

    1. No, no! Don’t ever stop! I would be lost without my OP!

  10. Just when I think this cant get any better!

    1. If OP gets any better I will explode.

  11. I'm enjoying the implication that Jane walked in, put down the coffee, then stripped down to her skivvies in the time it took Marigold to turn off the kettle.

    I'm sure there's a timeskip in between panels, but just…just don't ruin this for me. Shhh.

    1. In panel four the kettle is still steaming, so it seems like they did get right down to business even with a little time skip.

    2. Well look at the lighting. Sunsets don't last that long. She practically just walked in.

      1. She'd basically started in the next-to-last panel of yesterday's, er, strip.

  12. "How to handle a woman,
    there's a way said the wise old man
    A way known by every woman
    Since the whole rigmarole began"

    1. Cool!

      "Camelot", the musical- it's one of my favorite classics!

  13. I will now ~graciously~ accept an apology from the fucko that mocked me for suggesting Marigold is a virgin w/r/t women.

    1. It wasn't me, but I'm good at apologizing.

    2. Wait, someone mocked that idea? It seemed obvious to me.

  14. I guess I must be really dumb, but if it were me I'd simply let Jane take the initiative, as she's the experienced one.

  15. Those eyes in panel three. THOSE EYES.

  16. So on top of MariJane being adorable, can we talk about that totally rad panel/speech-bubbling at the very end? How there's two panels sharing a single bubble, creating a smooth but noticeable transition in tone/volume? Because it's hilarious and brilliant.

    1. Like seriously Gran leveled up in just… everythang over the course of this comic and I love it so much ;u;

  17. Best webcomic moment handling sex I've ever seen. Adorable, scary, silly and real.

    I hope Marigold found the "how is babby formed" yahoo answer thread somewhere in those 15 minutes strolling down troll boulevard, not that it applies here

    1. I was just thinking that -___-

  18. Good god. This really captures that awkward space where you've just gotten naked with someone who's really not much more than a stranger for the first time ~just~ ~perfectly~. Love it as always.

  19. Omggg the sunset colors
    Lovely gradient background

  20. I just noticed among all these recent comics that the word bubbles are also colored slightly different in each panel and, I dunno, it's a particularly effective detail that I really appreciate and I'll keep it in mind for my own work. Shoutout to Valerie!

  21. I googled "How to have sex with a woman" and was slightly disappointed how few Yahoo answers written by children there were.

    This comic is still the cutest thing.

  22. Hey, at least she was wise enough not to try and get answers from porn!

  23. This is too cute!

  24. I've never related so hard to a comic

  25. Awwww, this episode's damn cute!! Thanks for your art, Gran! 😀
    Damn cute!!!

  26. After all these years: the cutest comic strip in the history of the world finally emerges

  27. pffft marigold, it's all about the wikihow to guides

  28. The last two panels are very well done. I've been wondering how to convey rapidly changing emotions in comics myself and this is such a good reference.

  29. That's pretty much how my first time with a girl went too.

    I started taking my clothes off and she started laughing uncontrollably.

  30. beautiful artwork…your characters feel so real its uncanny

  31. I would like to note something and it may be totally perceptual. In earlier strips, Eve and Hanna have been naked (Hanna's park toplessness and Eve in a shower once?) I always appreciated how these character moments were drawn as just nude but not sexual because I am so used to how a man cartoonist (self included) would normally cheesecake up any naked woman.

    This near nude strip is drawn very sexy (to me); even though its for a laugh, the atmosphere of intimacy is well done.

    I like that the comic has both types of moments!

    1. Did you read the Korean spa story arch?
      One of my favorites for the exact same reason.

  32. oh god dammit now I like Marigold. Good job, Mar, took long enough but I finally came around!

  33. Wow. Loving the overlap of the word balloon on the last two panels. Great technique!

  34. I think it's important to remember for confused individuals or individuals that are interested in pursing a relationship outside of their sexual knowledge, that it is ok to be inexperienced! a long time I didn't pursue romantic relationships that I wished I had because I felt so certain of my sexuality. when really I was nervous over unmapped territory.

  35. I maybe unduly optimistic, but I feel like this story line may be culminating in hanna and marigold patching things up. at least i hope so anyways

  36. Oh Mar, we've all been there, sweetheart. ;__; This comic's so precious

  37. Panel 5 Jane is like "I'm just happy my fears were unfounded and this is actually happening, ohh yeahh."
    Gorgeous strip as always!

  38. This is the comic that got me to read this! Someone posted it on tumblr and I love it so much!!

  39. Aww man, I'm here! This is first strip of octopus pie I ever saw and what made me start reading in the first place. I really really really enjoyed it so far! Thank you Meredith!

  40. Marigold as someone who realized she was not straight, but rather bi, about a year and a half ago, and had my first experience with a woman shortly thereafter, I FEEL YOUR PAIN AND PANIC


  41. I'm re-reading this and I forgot how accurate this conversation was to my own experiences. Perfect.

  42. God I saw this episode on my tumblr dashboard and then I went and read the entire comic from the beginning. They're not even the main characters, but I'm so glad I read the whole thing and fell for all of them, especially Eve.

  43. This panel is why I'm reading octoupspie: saw it on tumblr and I decided I was going to read this. I'm so glad I did <3

  44. This is so goodddd, I love these types of interactions. There’s just something about the pre-intimacy sillies that feels extra special to me. It’s just so sweet! Warm fuzzies.

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