#838 – dining on scraps

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  1. Weird thing to pick out, but I really like the transition of Hannah carrying the box into the kitchen that Will was holding in the first panel. I have no problem imagining the scenes in between where Will is somewhat struggling to pull everything off the elevator and Hannah just picks up the box to help him while she's in the middle of pontificating about online dating. I mean, this page could have easily just been drawn with Hannah holding nothing. But it isn't. And I like that.


    1. i far as i can recall octopie has always been like that. Of course no comic artist is going to depict every single little action, but Meredith seems to like letting the reader piece together the events and charecter interactions that arent explicitly drawn.
      prime example http://www.octopuspie.com/2011-01-27/434-thats-no

  2. Hanna's break-up arc has been running parallel to my life in real time. I gave up on dating for the time being. Focusing on me instead. I hope Hanna does the same.

    1. Seriously! I feel like she is trying too hard to make this work and this is so unlike her. Love comes when you least expect it! Just let it come.

    2. That is the case for me also! This comic is helping me. I love it.
      And good for you! Work on yourself! Will is right, "You have to be the one to find the one."

  3. Said it before, I'm so glad I don't have to date anymore. Pretty sure I'd just be single for life at this point (I'll be 35 in February).

  4. Whoah, professional kitchen! She's not working out of her appartment anymore!

    1. My thoughts exactly. I thought I missed something

  5. Dude, when did they get that sweet commercial kitchen??

  6. I can relate to Hanna here :T

  7. it's terrible, but I'm still low-key rooting for her and Marek. I mean it's not gonna happen, but a girl can dream

  8. I love how completely useless Will's advice is. It's not bad advice, it's just not useful.

  9. The pretense of sex line. Soooooo good.

  10. I wonder is Hanna isn't maybe just a tiny bit demisexual, or at least demiromantic?

    I'dunno. As someone who is a demi/gray-asexual, this is the first time I've felt that I've identified with Hanna. Her question of "How can I fall in love with someone I'd never even hang out with?" plus the resentment over how sex is always sort of expected when dating someone BEFORE actually creating a strong emotional bond with them shares the same sentiment as someone who might be on the demi side of attraction. It might also explain a part of her rushed need of trying to find someone :/

    I mean, yeah, she'd been with Marek for a loooong time so of course she feels vulnerable by herself and doesn't really know how feel comfortable with just herself yet, and I don't mean to be insulting to any other people who identify as demi… but as someone who didn't originally KNOW what the asexual spectrum was and instead felt broken for not having a "normal" attraction towards anyone in particular, you can kind of get desperate in searching for "the one" to make you feel "right." Or, make you feel "right again," as in Hanna's case. :/

    1. I think "How can I fall in love with someone I'd never even hang out with?" applies to everyone who's looking for a realistic romantic relationship. People don't fall in love with people that couldn't be their friends as well, ace or not- maybe they fall "in lust" at best.
      If she had said she needs to hang out with them for quite a while and become close friends first before she dates them, then I'd agree.
      The trick is that dating is actually hanging out with some mutual agreement that the relationship can become romantic andor sexual, right?

    2. You may be on to something. I've never been able to separate romance and friendship… sometimes to my own detriment. But then again, I'm not really informed too much on the A/Gray/demisexual spectrum, so I've got some research to do on that point.

      I think more than anything, Hanna is a monogamist in the true sense, and coming out of a long-term relationship like that, it's really hard swimming in an every shifting pool of weird, awkward encounters in the dating scene. Hate to say it, but often the best romances often happen when you aren't looking. At least that's been my experience, small and insignificant as it is.

    3. I was actually thinking the same. you put it in better words xD

  11. Our Hero: Hanna the Hardened Husk.

    Can't wait to see her superpowers!

  12. Haw, everyone is soooooo tired of Hanna's negativity. "Blah blah soothing aphorism, (now will you PLEASE shut up about it for five minutes)", says Will. At least that's how I read it, because it's what I do when I want to tenderly shut someone down.

    Well, it doesn't look like Hanna can just enjoy being alone. (Does anyone in this strip? Besides Donovan?) I don't see the strip ending without her new relationship at least being kindled. And I don't think there's enough time for us to meet and care about a NEW new character – seeing that kind of ham-handed writing here would be, like, surprise of the century. SO we're gonna see an old character, known to us but maybe in a limited capacity, and we'll see 'em from a couple new angles. Is what I think. So, ?

  13. I continue to like where this is going.
    Hannah, where there's a Will, there's a way~

  14. Dat kitchen!!

    1. Exactly what I wanted to post 😀

  15. I've got even worse problem, cause I literally don't know how to date, what should I do, and my friends, as much as I like them, don't attract me. I'm deeply concerned I will strive for some fake ideal and that my options are dying out.
    I like how I can relate to your characters even if not completly

  16. The pretense of sex thing = so true. Hannah said it in better ways that I ever could!

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