#794 – as indirectly as possible

34 thoughts on “#794 – as indirectly as possible

  1. Is it a lighter? A phone? A camera? A picture?

    Place your bets, people!

    1. its the disk with them 'old-ass-pics' from previous page

    2. is it not the hard drive she found last comic?

    3. I thought it was the 'old ass pics' harddisk?

    4. It's the hard-drive from the last page labelled "Old Ass Pics" or w/e

    5. Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

  2. That face… We've all made it, we've all been there.

  3. Ah yes, I too know the obligatory avoidance game expression in that last panel.

    Different note – The lighting in the first and second panels is well done in that it manages to both make the scene heavier and feel natural. Nice to keep seeing this comic grow with coloring.

  4. i really hope hannah walks in on the next page

  5. Oooohhh, can we know what it is? Do we know? Am I the only one who doesn't? I bet Don also doesn't know. I feel better thinking that.

  6. that sunlight filtering through the window in panel 3 tho

    1. my bad, panel two. apparently i can't count to three correctly

  7. Buying pastries from Hanna, as indirectly as possible

  8. Aw Jane, you are so obvious

  9. Oh my goodness–the light on her back in panel 2!

  10. It seems like Jane is channeling Hannah in her response to Don in the first two panels. Definitely sounds like what she said to Will when he told her he wanted to quit his job.

  11. Well damn. Now I want anonymous pastries.

  12. dat sunlight is on point.

  13. Me thinks someone might be in lesbians with someone.

    … (It's Jane.)

    1. Marigold took her hair down. COULD BE a mutual crush!!!

      1. Man, sometimes the best part of my day is when I leave work and can literally let my hair down. Shaking it out and rubbing your scalp…best feeling ever. So I wouldn't get my hopes up from that, heh.

  14. I love the use of "walden" as a verb.

    1. Yes! An ass-reflexive verb even. The whole sentence is perfect. All I could come up with is "Go ahead, move to Jersey, go walden yourself till moss grows out of your armpits, see if I care".

  15. o dang. It's the friend breakup where both friends remain in the greater circle.

  16. I love the shift from "rage and indignation" to "HEEEY spa friend who invites me to spas!"

    1. “And who I also have a mad crush on”

  17. It’s pretty clear that Jane has a bit of a crush on Marigold – I wonder if Marigold would consider reciprocating or if she returns the attraction? I could see her exploring her sexuality in that way. I just hope she wouldn’t take it lightly and minimize Jane’s feelings.

  18. Dude, that girl Jane always turns me on…

  19. hahaha! would make a good recipe 🙂

  20. Oh my god. What happened to you? Do you even exist?!

  21. I can't remember where/when did hannah and marigold end up not being friends anymore,
    does anybody know?

    1. It was in the "Living Vicariously in a Deep Life" arc, where Hanna and Marek officially break-up (friendship break-up starts here: http://www.octopuspie.com/2014-03-11/647-doesnt-t…. A lot of not-so-fun things happened in that arc :c

  22. *peers closely at panel 2* SECRET WILL

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