#793 – party after lunch

14 thoughts on “#793 – party after lunch

  1. "Just A Reminder"
    Excellent passive-aggressive office detail!

    1. ….. what's the point of reminding her it's a pot luck on the day of the party? Passive-aggressive, indeed.

      1. And why are they having a pot luck after lunch?

  2. “Old ass pics” Stuff is about to get real real for Mer.

    1. Merigold, as drawn by Maredith

      Sorry this has been bugging me since I started reading.

  3. At least she didn't hit her up for money to buy a present for someone you don't know.

  4. Oh! Is Marigold in a cubicle? I always thought she has an office room on her own with a great view of the city…because isn’t that what was shown in that strip when Hanna had a day off from work and decided to visit Marigold?

    1. i think you might have got the places mixed up. she *works* in a cubicle, but she *lives* in an apartment with a great view of the city. ♥

      1. No, I think that place is her work. But they were just hanging out in the break room or something. Otherwise the conversation between them on the next page doesn't really make sense.

        1. No, it's not. It's her apartment. The place with the cubicle is her work. Hanna just went to meet her on her apartment, then they went out somewhere else.

        2. No, I am also sure that's her workplace. You always get those little "guest" ID nametags at security when you go into a corporate building in NYC, at least in my experience. Never once been into an apartment building where they needed you to wear a nametag (I imagine most residents would find that kind of rude to their guests), not to mention keep your ID out (presumably for a second check-in). But that's totally been the standard for every big company I visited in NYC.

          She's probably just eating lunch in a shared break room, considering the additional chairs around that table. And the gigantic billboards for musicals definitely marks the location as being Manhattan, somewhere near Times Square, and Marigold still lives in Brooklyn with the rest of the cast IIRC.

        3. Exactly. Plus, on the next page she talks about the bar "by her place", which makes no sense if they're already at her apartment.

          Also, why would you ask someone if they "ever party" in their own apartment? Again, makes no sense.

  5. something about that glib, annoying coworker really really pisses me off, this is the kind of person that makes you go want to go postal if exposed to them for a long period of time

  6. I like how the coworker becomes just a carefree waving hand at some point during this strip.

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