#266 – manufactured to the highest standards

March 4th, 2009

#266 – manufactured to the highest standards

In the interest of science, here is a closer look:

Yesterday, I got a first look at the new T-shirts — and they came out fantastic! They’re shipping now, so now’s a good time to order yours. Here’s a photo of them (and also, a cookie):

Kobayashi and Brooklyn Parrots shirts — Now Shipping!


Discussion (24)¬

  1. Meglynn says:

    Trichiasis? Trichoepithelioma? What could it beee.

  2. Wykstrad says:

    I disregarded the alt text and looked up trichomoniasis on Wikipedia.

    I will listen to your advice from now on, Meredith.

  3. Mike! says:

    "It results both from shared external water sources (hot tubs, wet bathing suits, wet towels and washcloths)"


  4. Hatman says:

    hehe, cockbags

  5. Matthew the average says:

    I'm willing to bet he was going to say trichotillomania, an impulse control disorder where the person pulls out hair, eye lashes or other body hair. I think it kind of suits Hanna, plus I knew someone with it in high school.

  6. Uhm. says:

    What really gets me is that as she closes her hand around the condom wrapper, it seems to emit some kind of… liquid.

  7. genosupremo says:

    a) Hannah's pose in the first frame is fantastic; she looks like she is ready to-

    b) -make out like a bandit: WiIl apply phrase liberally.

    c) What's the likely end stage on this here 'comments' ability?…

  8. Hatman says:

    Oh I've got a great idea for a new product: "the mesh condom"

    for when you absolutely, positively need to get her knocked up

  9. Michael says:

    Ahaha! Eve's final-panel facial expressions have really been tickling me this week!

  10. Craig says:

    One of the symptoms of trichomonas is "increased mortality," and "AIDS"

  11. David Waltergart says:

    I'm ignoring all my work in microbiology (ugh, parasites) and simply saying "ick".

    I would certainly hope that Hanna just had the manic hair-plucking disorder instead.

    Another great day for OP – safe travels, Mer!

  12. Scott Bieser says:

    If you'll look closely at Panel 2, you'll see clear evidence that the Sun really does shine out Hanna's ass!

  13. Bok says:

    I've been reading this for a while and I only just learned (from Scary Go Round's guest strips no less) who draws this comic. And then I realised it appears to be nowhere on the main page. Or… anywhere on the site. O_o

    Odd. Is that intentional?

  14. David Waltergart says:

    Leave the condom.

    Take the cannoli.

    /Had to be said.

  15. Maymay says:

    @Uhm. – A frothy, greenish-yellow discharge perhaps? 😀

  16. I laughed so hard at this one. =D

  17. Dane says:

    The first guess that popped into my head was trichotillomania. I hope I'm right!

  18. Dane says:

    Just read the picture text. I was wrong!

  19. bleh says:


  20. MerchManDan says:

    While I agree that "cock bag" is an accurate term, I'm a bit confuzzled by the "Uncle Hanna" part.

  21. Henson says:

    So… Hannah's kind of a douche, isn't she?

  22. hey says:

    I looked up trichomonas and got a dinosaur