#266 – manufactured to the highest standards

25 thoughts on “#266 – manufactured to the highest standards

  1. Trichiasis? Trichoepithelioma? What could it beee.

    1. Hanna looks very vehement in the first panel.

      And Eve looks dorky in the second. xD

  2. I disregarded the alt text and looked up trichomoniasis on Wikipedia.

    I will listen to your advice from now on, Meredith.

  3. "It results both from shared external water sources (hot tubs, wet bathing suits, wet towels and washcloths)"


    1. Mr. Potato Patato Von Spudsworth III

      I’m over ten years late, but thought I’d mention this is why they chlorinate pools. Nothing survives in that stuff.

  4. hehe, cockbags

  5. Matthew the average

    I'm willing to bet he was going to say trichotillomania, an impulse control disorder where the person pulls out hair, eye lashes or other body hair. I think it kind of suits Hanna, plus I knew someone with it in high school.

  6. What really gets me is that as she closes her hand around the condom wrapper, it seems to emit some kind of… liquid.

  7. a) Hannah's pose in the first frame is fantastic; she looks like she is ready to-

    b) -make out like a bandit: WiIl apply phrase liberally.

    c) What's the likely end stage on this here 'comments' ability?…

  8. Oh I've got a great idea for a new product: "the mesh condom"

    for when you absolutely, positively need to get her knocked up

  9. Ahaha! Eve's final-panel facial expressions have really been tickling me this week!

  10. One of the symptoms of trichomonas is "increased mortality," and "AIDS"

  11. I'm ignoring all my work in microbiology (ugh, parasites) and simply saying "ick".

    I would certainly hope that Hanna just had the manic hair-plucking disorder instead.

    Another great day for OP – safe travels, Mer!

  12. If you'll look closely at Panel 2, you'll see clear evidence that the Sun really does shine out Hanna's ass!

  13. I've been reading this for a while and I only just learned (from Scary Go Round's guest strips no less) who draws this comic. And then I realised it appears to be nowhere on the main page. Or… anywhere on the site. O_o

    Odd. Is that intentional?

  14. Leave the condom.

    Take the cannoli.

    /Had to be said.

  15. @Uhm. – A frothy, greenish-yellow discharge perhaps? 😀

  16. I laughed so hard at this one. =D

  17. The first guess that popped into my head was trichotillomania. I hope I'm right!

  18. Just read the picture text. I was wrong!

  19. trichotillomania?

  20. While I agree that "cock bag" is an accurate term, I'm a bit confuzzled by the "Uncle Hanna" part.

  21. So… Hannah's kind of a douche, isn't she?

  22. I looked up trichomonas and got a dinosaur

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