#265 – unsaleable

Oh Olly, you are such a sad man. I spent a better part of this weekend putting together the covers for Octopus Pie book 3, which means it's almost ready! A few things about this book: -it'll be 104 pages -it will contain 4 storylines - Tag, Renaissance Unfair, Dumbo, and Interview -I will most likely be taking pre-orders this time around, to help offset the printing costs. The pre-order period won't start, though, until all files have gone to print. So if you get on the pre-order wagon, the wait won't be more than a couple of weeks. More details soon. With any luck this puppy will be ready by the end of March!

25 thoughts on “#265 – unsaleable

  1. The problem with having a take-charge personality is you wind up being in charge.

  2. I do believe I spy the box to a delectable little Japanese treat in panel one–the little chocolate mushrooms with cookie stems. Mmmm.

    1. You most certainly did, my friend ~

      Those cookies are delectable

  3. So… where does Eve's… lollimush? go between panels 2 and 7?

    1. She took it out in panel 2, then… Maybe threw it away? Somewhere during panels 3 or 4, unless she switched the hand it was in before panel 5, in which case she would've had to get rid of it sometime before panel 8.


      1. Before panel 7, I mean, when she shows both hands, neither of which are holding the mushroom-on-a-stick.

  4. My father would probably buy some (OK, a lot) of that stuff. He loves trying weird foods. Spent a day in Oaxaca seeking worms to eat (since no self-respecting Mexican actually eats them), taking a bunch of other Gringo-men with him. And when we went to China…

    You just need to market that stuff to middle-aged, white, male yuppie demographic.

  5. I love those slightly phallic chocolate little treats.

  6. Ha! The look on Eve's face!

  7. With Scots/German family, none of this stuff seems that odd (well, the snake ice cream, maybe). But I think Ollie could do what the Chinese herb vendors do – promote the "invigorating" and "potency-enhancing" properties associated with these things, and BAM! Men in their 30's-50's will be scooping it up.

    Wanted to ask about what kinda natural supplements Ollie's Organix would stock – all the NatFüd joints I've seen in the U.S. stock a hodge-podge of food and nutraceuticals. C'mon, doesn't Ollie stock vegan creatine and protein powders? That's the ticket; same demographic.

    What's with the comment section changing stripes again?

    1. People were having difficulty signing up, so I disabled mandatory registration. sorry for all the changes! Someday we'll settle on something ideal. <:

      1. That's cool, I had to copy the alpha numeric password I was given (couldn't figure out how to change it) and paste it from my desktop every time. I like this more. I promise not to swear or be a hater.

  8. Congratulations. This stripe caused me to laugh out loud in a snooty coffee shop. Now I look such the fool.

  9. SO awesome. I'm still adjusting to this not pink comic business, though!

    1. Maybe the next story will be a different color. I haven't decided yet! But it won't be pink. 😉

  10. Shiitake Brown – it's what Ollie would have ordered!

  11. @kateri It's behind her face in panel five. At that moment she remembers she has it, and devours it in the next panel while she is "off-camera."

  12. you should make it green for st. patricks day

  13. Pre-Orders for Book3? I am getting on that wagon, for sure.

    My Mom made fun of me for showing off my signed and sketched books. She laughed even harder when I said they were a birthday present. She stopped laughing (at me) when I made her read them.

    You are loved by American Dwelling Canadians!

  14. And by Canadians residing in Canada, too!

  15. Bam! caught up in just aout three hours from start to finish. Instantly fell in love, And nice to see you returning to digital!

    Anyways! just to say I will be at the U.K. webcomix thing, too!

    Mine any my pals first time, so we really are brickin' it.

    would be great to get some info maybe?

    1. I didn't return to digital, but I'll take that as a compliment that my inks have gotten better. 😉

      As for the UK Thing, just show up! It's a small and intimate place, everyone is friendly, and it's a lot of fun. Hope to see you there!

  16. I believe professor Xavier said it best: From those who have much to give, much will be asked.

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