#792 – chatting, eh

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  1. Marigold: gtg back to work, love you
    Mom: Okay bye, emoji emoji emoji OH AND ALSO HERE'S ME RESTARTING THE CONVERSATION

    Marigold's Mom is being played in this episode by Andrew's Mom.

  2. Now they have to do the secret Jewish handshake that only true blue jews know how to do.

    1. It's like a regular handshake, but you don't actually touch because you need to leave a space for Elijah.

  3. I am also Jewish! This is pretty much how it goes when we find each other, yeah.

    1. Except this doesn't really cover that sizing-up period we do, when you meet someone, and you think they are probably Jewish, but you don't know for sure yet, and you don't want to just blurt it out first.

      That reminds me. I gotta snoop my new downstairs neighbor's mail, see if David has any sort of Jewy sounding surname.

      1. Unless you're like me and have a Jewish last name, but are not, in fact, Jewish… although since everyone assumed I did end up attending a LOT of seders.

  4. Loud, intrusive lady, let me tell you about a concept called 'personal space'. it's really fun, you should try…. Oh no Please Do NOT EAT MY HEAD AAAAAAHRG…

    1. She seems loud and obtrusive, but overall like a pretty nice lady, if you ask me. 😐

      1. She might be, but then, some people are really bad at dealing with this kind of behavior. Just protect your head.

        1. Mr. Potato Patato Von Spudsworth III

          This is why I ALWAYS wear a helmet. Never know when a Loud Intrusive Lady might barge in to eat my head.

    2. Y’know, a lot of whether such behavior is infuriating comes down to tone of voice: this screechy lady could easily sound slightly amused at how screechy she is, and/or genuinely friendly, and then again shyer might be blithely unaware that anyone ever doesn’t want to be happyscreeched at, and/or using it as a cover for genuine aggression (especially with “you’re fired” there, that is pretty ambiguous.) It is really hard to tell. Let us reserve judgement, and also purchase vast quantities of illegal drugs.

      1. OOOORRR she could be using loudness to over compensate for her crippling low self esteem and social anxiety. Never judge what’s going on in a person’s head….unless the start a point with “I’m not racist/sexist/homophobic but…” Judge the HELL out of that person

      2. I was on board with ambiguity until she referred to Marigold by her title. That's a power play.

  5. So, Marigold is super-loved by a stable family. Sounds about right!

    And oh MAN, that boss and I would claaaaaaaaash in a way-too-subtle-to-act-upon-but-hopefully-super-frustrating-for-her way. I'm planning my strategy for beating her as I type

  6. Another day of Marigold's Office Hellscape, bringing you painfully close-to-reality awkward conversations with the boss.

  7. I've never seen someone so surprised that a Jewish person exists in New York.


  8. Just wait until the company finds out she can make soap out of dreams…

  9. Who does she think that is?

    1. 12- or 13-year-old Marigold.

  10. Semi-serious question here: Is there much difference between being Jewish and being A JEW?

    1. From what I have heard from coworkers, its the difference between being asian and being an oriental. One is an adjective that’s attached to a person, and the other is a noun that has been used as a slur to completely obliterate any other parts of a person’s identity. And, per usual with slurs, don’t use the slur version to describe anyone unless you’re obviously in the group that it would apply to (and then, you know if its okay to use it or not based on interacting with other people in that group).

      1. hey now… that\’s not a good comparison. \”Jew\” isn\’t dehumanizing or a slur. It\’s just perhaps a bit more aggressive sounding than \”Jewish\”.

        1. It shouldn't be, but I've definitely seen it used that way. One of the people I chat with online uses it that way to my face, even, and he knows I'm Jewish.

  11. Oh, and Marigold – may the Schwartz be with you…

  12. Just like my mom, to try to keep a convo going even after the farewells and such.

  13. Also, lol, female version of the Bro Boss?

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