#791 – gtg back to work

A new storyline starts today! Welcome! Hi!

18 thoughts on “#791 – gtg back to work

  1. Marigold is 100% my spirit animal. Lovelovelovelove this gal.

  2. Man, Marigold's mom goes to town with the emojis.

  3. Is Marigold working an office job?

  4. Here's what I got from the emojis: "I love you so much, Marigold. So much love! Now swim for that money! Swim for it in your studious glasses and with your stylish bag! I think a lot … mostly about how much I love you. Also about arrows pointing upward sometimes–no idea what that's about."

    …Did I win?

    1. "Now swim for that money! Swim for it in your studious glasses and with your stylish bag!"

      Can't. Stop. Laughing.

  5. I really dig the slightly looser quality of drawing in the first couple panels. Good body language expressed more through the lines than the actual pose of the character. I think we are witnessing Meredith leveling up.

  6. Biz Cas Fri Mar!

  7. a minor note, but will the story guide be updating soon? There's like three of the latest chapters missing and a lot of info to re-read

    1. yup I know it\’s overdue… I\’ll get to it soon!

  8. That Marigold? She changed her hair? Wha-?

    1. She's been letting it grow back. Look at http://www.octopuspie.com/2015-03-03/758-placebo-
      To see it in all it's shiny glory.

  9. Every time I see "Hey girl" written like that, it reminds me of Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time.

  10. Haha Marigolds mom is so much like my mom. I love it!

  11. the mom subjecting Marigold to emoji overdose is sucha fantastic, realistic touch. I love this comic.

  12. I JUST got the pun from Eves name from this comic, im reading all of them. http://www.octopuspie.com/2007-10-24/063-gasp-par

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