#778 – donesville

20 thoughts on “#778 – donesville

  1. Hanna's world kind of does exclusively revolve around Hanna, huh?

    1. Don't most peoples?

      1. Not if you have any kind of compassion or empathy at all, no.

    2. Egocentric Depression Fallacy: "My mistakes hurt everyone (because I'm so important to everyone's story)." Her intentions are noble (she wants closure, doesn't want to burn Will), but she's still sort of telling him how to feel. It's hard to step back and let people feel (or not feel) their feelings.

  2. Oo, more backstory. I want to hear more. And the color handling is terrific!

  3. Will's looking awfully drinky.

    1. You'd look that way too if you lost your job and girlfriend in one day.

      1. "Girlfriend" don't u rain on my OTP buddy

  4. Maybe I'm interpreting this page the wrong way, but: Oh Hanna, please no. Please don't drive Will away from you. That would stink. Yikes.

    1. I don't think that's what she's trying to do.. I think it's that Will has changed everything in his life awfully fast, and she's trying to remind him that it didn't work out so well LAST time they worked together.

  5. Love dat face Will is making.

    It's like "Psh! Psssssssssssfffff!!! Pssssfffffffsssshhhhbblllllthhlldhthlldtffttttkkkkkkkccomeooooooooonduuuude!!!"

    "Will you're already too drunk to have this conversation."

    Loving this page. No self-respecting past-Hanna would EVER admit to doing something like that, or say anything remotely as sincere and apologetic as this. Yay growth!

  6. Aw man, the truth unveiled

  7. But Hanna, if he hadn't left school he never would've met Larry!

    Although that would mean he also wouldn't have helped him con so many people.

    But still, *friendship*

  8. OH NOO im all caught up now. gotta wait for updates like everyone else, like a Chump.

  9. Will, you know that Hanna knows the score.

  10. I love how a whole panel is just Hanna expecting Will to understand her and open up right away. Like it should be so obvious. A complete pause in the story 🙂

  11. I've been in favor of Dude being a gender-neutral term.

  12. Will's got some mad eyebrow game in this strip.

  13. Sounds like they may have dated and it didn't work out back then…

  14. Mashed really wants to beTHE ONE AND ALL!!! It couldn’t really
    be what Will decided. Or that simple for him tjhl

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