#777 – chomp

The ice cream place shown is Ample Hills, and hell of a worth visiting if you're in Brooklyn. Warm weather means I can spend the next few months having conversations with myself to justify going.

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  1. That is literally the least crowded I have ever seen Ample Hills.


      1. Well shit, I was sort of hoping you knew something I didn't, like "oh yeah that's average for any 3rd Wednesday during a quarter moon."

  2. The lighting is so pretty, the coloring so good.

    1. Everything's good and nothing hurts.

  3. Ouch. Yeeeeesh, Hannah.

  4. It is funny how quickly Will is trying to transition his life, and how foot-draggy Hannah is being about it. Of course, that's after Will dragging his feet for a long time, too. Come to think of it, Marigold did kind of the same thing, persisting in a situation she didn't like before Will broke up with her and she changed almost everything in her life. I guess we all know people like that.

  5. I don't get it. Do what?

    1. I assume another break up/resignation conversation, which leads me to believe that her response isn't going to be that favourable. I say Will should ride that momentum until he knows what's really going on his life! Just hope he's got the strength to pick himself up as often the reality is a lot harsher than the illusions.

    2. Cut ties, I presume. He quit his dealing job, broke up with Aimee and now he's basically telling Hannah that she either hires him or he's going to do something else. Hannah is telling him that she doesn't think he's ready to join her so if he lays down the ultimatum of 'now or never' it'll end up being never.

      I think she's not for never herself but she needs more than what he's shown to trust him with it. As of now, he'd be forcing her to say no and that'd be the third time today that he would have cut ties.

      1. Ohhh…. I thought Meredith was implying that he already asked Hanna for this job two times already (not shown in comic, between Will's appartment scene and the Ample Hills scene), but I guess cutting-ties/life-changing-decisions also makes sense too…

    3. Maybe she's asking him if he really wants to make three big life decisions in the same day?

    4. A third big decision, with quitting his job and breaking up with his long-distance relationship being the first two.

    5. Have a shitty, disappointing conversation.

    6. Make a third Life changing decision

  6. That's intriguing. Did Will, while sleepy or under a haze of drinks, already ask Hanna to go into business with him? Hm.

    1. I think she means does he really want to have a third "break up" in one day, seeing as he already quit his job and (I think?) broke up with Aimee.

      1. Very cool. Thanks.

    2. I think it's just the "break up" talk.
      He's moving on with his life and trying to tell Hanna that if she doesn't want him helping with the baking anymore that he understands.
      He already did this with his job and Aimee, so… 3rd time

    3. I think he's implying the other kind of business, if you know what I mean.

    4. i think she just means break ties with someone (his supplier and aimee being the first two)?

    5. No. Will has already had two very difficult conversations today – he quit his job, and he broke up with his girlfriend. Hannah is suggesting that this particular conversation is also going to suck.

  7. I always feel like I’m missing half of the story. Like there’s an unpublished strip between this one and the previous.

    1. thats show not tell storytelling. The gaps are implied or revealed later. It forces you to really think about whats happening rather than skim through. I prefer it to being told every detail because it makes you consider everything youve been shown.

  8. Eve looks so cute in that third panel.

    …Wait no I mean Hannah, whoops. Hannah! Sorry, force of habit.

  9. The color is wonderful. It really stands out, and reduces the need for as much background detail (though there are lots of bricks and railings).

  10. Ice cream chomps!

  11. I think- there is an accidental overlapping of images, in this page, but I think it really works, in the last panel.
    In the last panel, Hanna is holding out the flask in her right hand. If you look at the page too quickly, Hanna's knee in panel 4 becomes the flask in Hanna's hand.
    I like it! It really adds to the last panel's image.

    1. oh hah. I wondered if it would read that way in the ink stage, but didn\’t even think about it after the colors were added. Comics layout is interesting math!!

  12. Hannah must have teeth of steel because I dont know anyone who can just bite into ice cream like that without horrible teeth shivers.

  13. Dang! Hanna is hardcore! I don't know many people who can bite into ice cream so fervently without cringing in agony from cold sensitivity.

    Have a drink/ take a chill pill, Will. It seems like he's rushing to shed his old life and start fresh. But, as Hanna has learned just recently, it's best to do so gradually. Ya need time to deal with everything.

  14. Just watched limitless for the first time. It reminded me of Lucy.

  15. booze and ice cream, a fun treat for all!

  16. The more I read this one, the more I keep thinking… shouldn’t the entire point of being a drug dealer, be to rake in some very substantial cash? It’d be insane to do something that’s federally illegal unless you were going to make bank. I don’t feel like the job transition should be so urgent.

    1. I don't think the urge is because of money, it's more about DOING something, so that he's drawing a line on being a dealer

  17. Why would you bite ice cream with your front teeth?? Hanna no!

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