#776 – who knows you better than me

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  1. Ok this is beyond sweet but i dont like the face he’s making with that hand there

    U love Eve you fool!

    1. I interpreted that face and all the others like “stop being nice it’s creepy.”

    2. I think he’s just grateful and suspicious. He needs Hanna’s support, but Hanna is only herself when she has someone more miserable to cheerfully co trol.

      1. Maybe. I think it's more complicated than that though. I think Hannah is missing purpose and worth. It's not that she is "only herself" when other people around her are miserable, but rather, when they are miserable she knows what to do with that. So she can be a good friend by getting someone out of a slump. On the other hand, people who are genuinely happy she feels worthless around because she has nothing to add to it right now.

    3. Shippers sound just like parents who want to upgrade to grandparents sometime.

  2. it's OLD HANNAH!

    1. Yay! Old Hanna strikes back!

  3. Also AMPLE HILLS, that shit is delicious

    1. Oh. Ample Hills. The text was too small for me to read. Thanks.

      1. Yeah, best I could get was apple balls. Which made more sense, except for Hannah making it obvious he meant ice cream.

    2. Thanks for this. I was looking for my computer's Zoom in a panic. I don't even know if it has one. haha.

  4. I haven't had Ice Cream in so long. Gotta wait for my blood sugar to get regular.

  5. I wonder if a part of Will's unhappiness is the big, big, giant uncertainty of- what job, if any, can he get now?

    I imagine that a Burger King, or a savings bank, won't hire you with, "10 years as an illegal drug dealer", on your resume.
    Dang. Good luck, Will.

    1. He also has years as a bartender and several other odd jobs with Larry to put on it.

  6. Hanna is a Good Friend.

  7. Meat calendar.

  8. I'm a bit uncomfortable about how happy Hannah seems, now that there's someone even more unhappy than herself to guide/control.

    1. Good point! She doesn't seem upset about having brought up a bad memory for Will, either.

    2. I also dont like how shes touching him saying "who knows you better than me" and how earlier she asked if she could find someone shes already comfortable with

      1. I don’t think Hannah would do that to Eve. Not even in her worst moment.

    3. Her physical contact and saying stuff like "who knows you better than me" also make me uncomfortable because it was only a few pages earlier she was saying she wanted to meet someone she was already comfortable with to date.

    4. Funny, I was thinking how cool it is that she rises out of the shit when refocusing on a friend. Harder for us to stew when we're not boring into our own problems.

    5. As I said up top a bit, I think it's just that she knows what to do when someone is in a slump. Nothing makes a person in a personal slump feel better than helping to make someone else feel better. Helps with self-worth and gets the mind off things.

  9. I thought Will and Larry were vegetarian (or that Will was, at least). Why do they have a meat calendar?

    1. I admit it… If ever there was a plot point where Will was vegetarian, I have COMPLETELY forgotten about it now.

      1. thistemporarylifeblog

        I appreciate your honesty!

      2. Butcher shops always seem to give away calendars, before giant supermarkets put most of them out of business and in Melbourne at least.
        They have one picture for the whole year and the months just tear off the bottom.

    2. It's called backsliding.

    3. Even if they are vegetarians, they could still have such a calendar for purposes of that Alanis Morisette thing.

    4. Doesn't he eat fish at the awkward metaphor restaurant in the valentine's day storyline?

      1. Bucket 'o fish. Or was it fish heads? I can't remember!

  10. I find it interesting that this storyline is about these two, when it started off with a flashback of Eve’s breakup with Park. I can’t wait to see how it all ties together.

    1. Yeah, I'm REALLY curious about Will and Hanna's relationship.

    2. To me it's about new beginnings for all of them, and letting go of past shit.

  11. Nooooo, i've been archive binging for the past few days and now I'm caught up!

  12. Ice Cream always makes me happy. 🙂

    1. This is probably my new favorite strip. I don't know which it was before but "ICE CEEM" absolutely sold me.

  13. Oh my gosh, I'm looking at these flavors at Ample Hills

    Man, I need to visit Brooklyn

  14. “YOU try getting a job with nothing on your résumé but ‘fake ghost pirate’!”

  15. Man, I hate when I have a bunch of updates to go through and there are just enough to get comfy / gleeful…. then the Next arrow stops appearing and it's back to the waiting game D: I don't know what's better, reading one a day or reading a week's worth at a time

  16. Wait.. is ice cream a euphemism? Hanna, you dog, you!

    Seriously though it is nice that she's trying to cheer her ol' buddy up. Poor Will is going through some crud, and I think Hanna can definitely relate to the feeling.

  17. Does anyone know what Will is saying in the last two panels?

    1. Ample Hills (an icecream shop they used to frequent together)

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