#776 – who knows you better than me

This is a slick move by Hanna that completely deserves Will's skepticism. I think of times I've acted overly comfortable with an ex I was trying to be cool with, and how they'd put up a wall. This is a dangerous scenario because Will doesn't exactly say no, he's enticed by Hanna's care, and doesn't have to dig deep for a nostalgic activity they can share.

16 thoughts on “#776 – who knows you better than me

  1. Did they date at one point? I feel like I missed someting.

    1. They made out once or twice and made Will very confused.

    2. I don't think it's ever explicitly stated but more implied?

      The scene in the museum: http://www.octopuspie.com/2019-10-24/580-581-dude

      The conversation in a few pages: http://www.octopuspie.com/2015-04-30/778-donesvil

      The fact that Marek is super cold towards Will: http://www.octopuspie.com/2019-04-10/380-the-thin

      I'm probably missing a couple of example… but yeah, at some point during college something happened between them?

    3. One time in college, he and Hanna made out and fell asleep in her dorm bed on two separate occasions and that was really confusing for a while.

      But I only know this because I can look into the future to see the past; their exact past relationship was unclear on the comic's first run.

      1. I think by this point in the original run we had seen the flashback to Will and Hanna at college, and Will being dismissive about Marek (calling him "Mark") as well as the atypical antipathy shown to Will by Marek. Enough, in short, to have strong suspicions of that Will had feelings for Hanna which hadn't been exactly actively discouraged.

    4. Not so much date… Although there are some mixed signals as to what their feelings for each other are at some points. And, you know, Marek and Will never ever getting along, not even enough to have small talk… Etc.

    5. (ending spoilers) It's first shown in Go Team Willary and then briefly expanded on in Vacation Day and here, and then almost completely revealed towards the end of the comic. They never dated but while Marek was "gone" they fooled around in college. She has a lot of guilt about it that got brought up in her trip to the Met since they used to go there together.

  2. Just the mention of “ice ceem” makes so many people light up like Hanna here. Very true-to-life.

  3. Is Will's reply something we should be barely able to read? The second word looks like "kills"???

  4. I'm not sure exactly what is the implication of Will's bad mood. Did Aylee take the break up bad or not bad at all and that's what frustrates him?

    1. Wait, what? Is that the implication of what was going on in the previous page? Well, if that's the case, I think Aimée took it really well, just like Will's former employer.

  5. Is anyone able to make out what Will is saying in the last two panels? Looks like "Ample Walls" to me.

    1. Probably "Ample Hills", which is an ice cream chain in New York… that just filed for bankruptcy literally a few weeks ago: https://therealdeal.com/2020/03/16/ample-hills-cr

    2. He's saying Ample Hills!

  6. I think about ICE CEEM approximately twice a day since the first run of this page.

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