#777 – chomp

A really memorable layout/color marriage in this one. I've been using this scene in my class materials to talk about the 180 rule and all the ways you can move the characters around without breaking it.

The ice cream shop is called Ample Hills and it seems so ubiquitous at this point it's hard to imagine wanting to shout it out. I recently caught up with a friend there, who was about to have her second child. It was an opportunity to daydream about the sweet little places I'd take my own son if I'd still lived in Brooklyn. That's all over now (at time of writing this), and I'm just grateful to have a back yard for him. Regarding Brooklyn in the past tense, in the context of history, I think of the full Walt Whitman quote, where the shop got its name:

What is it then between us?
What is the count of the scores or hundreds of years between us?

Whatever it is, it avails not—distance avails not, and place avails not,
I too lived, Brooklyn of ample hills was mine,
I too walk’d the streets of Manhattan island, and bathed in the waters around it,
I too felt the curious abrupt questionings stir within me,
In the day among crowds of people sometimes they came upon me,
In my walks home late at night or as I lay in my bed they came upon me,
I too had been struck from the float forever held in solution,
I too had receiv’d identity by my body,
That I was I knew was of my body, and what I should be I knew I should be of my body.

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  1. Not-fun fact: Ample Hills filed for bankruptcy 2 weeks ago?

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